The Ultimate Guide to How to Find Guest Posting Sites

The Ultimate Guide to How to Find Guest Posting Sites

Do you want to know how to find guest blogging sites relevant to your area? You’re in the right spot.

Guest posts give you the ideal opportunity to gain backlinks to your website, increase your SEO, and broaden your reach.

If you’ve been watching the latest developments within the SEO world closely you’re aware of how important backlinks are. Backlinks indicate to the search engine that your website has high-quality content, leading to higher rankings.

A recent study conducted by Backlinks and SEMrush discovered that the top results on Google SERPs contain 3.8X higher backlinks than other results of the top 10 results.

The study also revealed that a majority of pages don’t have backlinks. From 11.8 million Google results, around 95 percent of pages do not have backlinks.

These figures tell an important truth – how having backlinks can be the key to higher ranking in search engines and beating competitors. One method of acquiring backlinks is by guest posting.

In this thorough guide, we’ll teach you how to find guest post websites that you can reach out to gain backlinks and boost your SERP rank in the long term.

Include these websites in the master list, and then find ways to reach the site owners to discuss your interest in publishing a guest article. When compared to other methods of how to locate guest posting sites, this approach is not easy.

However, ensures you’ll find reputable guest-posting sites because the most prolific guest bloggers will not risk publishing their posts on websites that aren’t reputable. Guest posting services on different platforms is another content marketing trend that will boost higher in 2024.

The benefits of guest posts are:

  • introduces you to an entirely new audience writing posts for different websites allows you to get your content front and center for their readers, thus increasing your brand’s visibility and reach.
  • Improves brand trust Guest posting allows you to show your expertise on the topics that are important to your field.
  • assists in driving visitors to your site Learn how to find guest post websites and ensures that your content is posted on websites with high authority that have a large amount of traffic. This encourages visitors to click that link back to the website and vice versa.
  • improves your SEO performance Guest posting is among the most reliable SEO best methods to improve the rank of your organic search and traffic. The backlinks that you earn when you post your guest post will inform Google that you have a site is a quality site with high-quality content.
  • Provides unique networking opportunities Guest posting lets you connect with major companies and influential people in your field, especially if you know how to locate guest posting websites that are of high quality.

As you will see, there is a lot to gain by publishing guest content on other sites. Be sure to know how to locate guest-posting websites that are trustworthy and have a high authority within your field to reap the benefits mentioned above.

Top Methods on How to Find Guest Posting Sites

While many websites allow guest posts, figuring out how to locate guest-posting websites that meet the below requirements:

  • The information on your website is relevant to your company’s needs.
  • The website’s audience is interested in your industry/business/products
  • The blog or website has attracted readers (evidenced by the number of social shares and blog posts)
  • The blog/website has an active social media presence, where they post their blog posts

For instance, if you are selling digital art products, you must search for craft and art blogs that have an active audience of art fans and experts.

Here are some proven methods for finding guest blogging sites to post your content.

The Use of Google Search Operators

Google Search Operators are specific characters and commands that are used to filter the results of a search. They help you make your search more precise, which improves the quality of results that are displayed.

For example, to show results for a search that includes the keyword in question, you should include the keyword within quotation marks such as:

digital marketing services

If you are trying to figure out how to locate guest posting websites you can search for the following keywords within quotation marks:

  • “write for us”
  • “guest post”
  • “submit guest post”
  • “contribute to our site”
  • “guest post wanted”

However, this search phrase is rather general and lists websites that accept guest posting in a variety of industries. An effective method for learning how to locate guest-posting websites that are relevant to your specific industry is to refine your search by adding your business to the search term.

Look for Guest Post Directories

Another helpful tip for how to locate sites for guest posting is to use directories for guest posting. The people who created these directories have put in all the work required to find the top-ranked sites that allow guest postings.

For instance, this extensive directory from Attack provides 310 guest-posting sites in various areas to help you begin your guest-posting journey. All you need to do is locate relevant websites that are in your area and get in touch with them.

In addition to offering links to guest blogging websites, these directories provide other information that is useful like:

  • Topics for guest posts that are appropriate
  • Authority of a domain or page metrics
  • Contact information of the webmaster’s contact information.
  • A quick outline of the guest posting guidelines

To gain access to these directories simply type in the search term ” guest posting sites” on Google and then go to any of the most popular results.

Research Prolific Guest Post

One method for determining how to locate guest posting websites is to look up prolific guest bloggers within your field. Search for platforms where they create guest posts.

Being the most prominent people and influential figures within the field the most prolific guest bloggers should be contributing regularly to opinion pieces on top blogs. If you can find sites where they have posted their posts, they are likely to be the best websites to post guest content.

How do you identify the most prolific guest bloggers within your field? When you’ve looked through enough blog posts within your field, you’ll see some names that are featured frequently on various blogs. They’re the ones we’re talking about.

If you aren’t aware of any frequent blogger guests, then a quick Google search will allow you to find their names. If you have your guest blogger’s name in you, enter the following keyword:

Include these websites in the master list, and then find ways to reach the site owners to discuss your interest in publishing a guest article. In comparison to other strategies on how to find guest post websites, this approach is not easy.

But, this technique assures you’ll find high-authority guest blogging sites as the most frequent guest bloggers don’t have to worry about publishing their posts on websites that aren’t reputable.

Check your Competition Backlink Profile

Anyone who has worked out how to locate guest blogging websites knows how difficult it is. To increase your SEO’s performance, through link building, it is important to find the opportunity to guest blog on high-quality, relevant sites and magazines.

The competition is also making guest blog posts for high-authority websites. By analyzing their backlink profiles by using the top SEO auditing tools, you will be able to determine the places where they have gotten quality guest posts and make an effort to write guest posts on the same sites.

One of the most effective instruments for this task is Ahrefs. The SEO tool comes with a free tool to check backlinks which you can use to discover how your competitors obtain their backlinks.

The various methods on how to locate guest posting websites, it is the simplest. All you need to do is type in the URL of your competitor in the search box.

The image below illustrates SEOBuddy’s backlink profile utilizing Ahrefs. Brands that provide SEO management services might want to know the source from which SEOBuddy obtains its backlinks to ensure they are pursuing similar opportunities.

Ahrefs provides a complete profile that focuses on the following points:

  • The domain score of the site.
  • The number of backlinks linking to the website
  • The number of websites that link to each other
  • The percentage of backlinks that do not follow
  • The percentage of do-follow links websites
  • The domain score of every website that it links to
  • The anchor text and the target URL

When you review this profile, pay attention to the score of websites that are referred to. The rating of the domain indicates the authority of the website. Pay attention to websites with a good domain rating. Also, find the contact information of those sites so that you can promote your idea for a guest post.

Search on the Social Media

We’re all aware of how effective social media marketing can be. From raising awareness of brands to assisting brands in building an online community that’s flourishing Social media marketing can bring numerous benefits for companies.

Did you know that social media could help you determine how to locate guest-posting websites? This is how Social Media can assist you in locating find the right high quality guest post services for the best opportunities:

  • Visit the pages of your competitors to find out if they’ve promoted any of their recent guest posts.
  • Use the search feature to locate guest posts on subjects relevant to your industry.
  • Set up alerts to be informed when important individuals in your industry are promoted for their guest blogs.

While it can be an extremely difficult method of how to find guest post websites, it can aid in identifying opportunities for guest posting. For instance, a search for the phrase SEO best practices guest post on X will reveal recent guest posts related to the subject.


Q1. What websites can I locate that accept guest post submissions?

Ans. Anyone wondering how to find guest-posting sites should follow these strategies to achieve the best outcomes:

  • Utilize Google search tools to locate websites that will accept guest posts.
  • Find directories for guest postings on the internet.
  • Find prolific guest bloggers within your industry.
  • Reverse engineer your competitor’s backlinks.
  • Use social searches.

Q2. Where can I find guest blogging opportunities?

Ans. You can find the right post-production opportunities for guest bloggers by searching websites that are actively seeking guest contributors, following the many guest bloggers who are prolific in your field, and examining the backlink profile of your competition. Other ways to locate guest posting websites include guest posting and social search directories.

Q3. Where can I find websites for guest posting by vendors?

Ans. There are many websites online that offer extensive lists of sites that allow guest blogs. Check these websites to locate suitable guest blogging opportunities within your area of expertise.

Q4. What are the advantages that guest bloggers can bring?

Ans. Guest blogging has many benefits, including:

  • Introduce you to a new audience
  • Enhancing your brand’s trust
  • We can help you increase the organic visitors to your site
  • Enhancing your SEO performance
  • Unique networking opportunities

Q5. What tool should I use to study the backlinks of my competitors?

Ans. Ahrefs offers a free backlink checker tool that you can utilize to determine where your competition has its backlinks. It is simple to use. All you need is must type your competitor’s URL into the search bar and you will get an extensive overview of the backlinks they have.


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