5 best places to visit in Geneva

5 best places to visit in Geneva

Geneva is Switzerland’s second-largest metropolis. Organisations with global reputations, such as the World Trade Organization, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the World Health Organization, all have their headquarters in this city. Lake Geneva, the Jet d’Eau, St. Pierre Cathedral, the Old Town, the Geneva Convention Center, the Patek Philippe Museum, and Mont Saleve are among the city’s most popular tourist attractions. One of the key reasons Geneva has become one of the major Swiss tourist destinations is because of its many attractions. The full beauty, culture, and lifestyle of the inhabitants of Geneva can only be appreciated by visiting the various Geneva sites of interest and Geneva tourism spots. All the major five attractions of Geneva are described in detail below:

1. The Ariana Museum in Geneva

Over 25,000 pieces dating back 1200 years are on display at the Musée Ariana, often known as the Ariana Museum of Ceramics and Glass. Exhibits of glass and ceramics from various time periods are used to demonstrate the evolution of technology, aesthetic expression, and historical significance. With so many shiny trinkets to gawk at, this location has the enchanted quality of a portal to another dimension.

The museum, located on the Avenue de la Paix not far from the Palace of Nations (the United Nations’ Geneva headquarters), is a mix of Neo-Classical and Neo-Baroque styles. Between 1877 and 1884, the Swiss art collector and philanthropist Gustave Revilliod constructed the museum he named for his mother, Ariane de la Rive. Once privately owned, it was donated to the city of Geneva and is now a member of the Geneva Art and History Museums consortium. Everyone who goes to Geneva should make a point of stopping by here.

2. The Chillon Castle in Geneva

Chillon Castle, located on an island in Lake Geneva, is a stunning structure. The stunning scenery of the nearby mountains and lake has made this location a popular tourist destination. The Castle of Chillon is one of the most visited destinations in Switzerland due to its convenient location.

The Past of Chillon Castle

The first written reference to Chillon Castle occurs in the year 1005. It served as a jail during each of the three major epochs it was a part of. The dungeons of Chillon Castle are exquisitely crafted and provide fascinating insight into the lives of those who formerly resided there. The Montreux Chillon Castle has been meticulously conserved, and the furnishings and artwork that remain give the building an air of authenticity.

Chillon’s Most Memorable Attractions

  • Gothic-style underground chambers are a work of art.
  • Chillon Castle also features three magnificent halls.
  • Camera Domini is a special room in this building that was originally built for the Duke of Savoy.
  • The 14th-century wall paintings in the chapel are stunning.
  • There’s an armoury where you may watch a video exhibition of weaponry from different eras.

Exhibitions in Chillon Castle

In Geneva, Switzerland, Chillon Castle frequently hosts a variety of exhibitions. Some of the most well-known are Casting Off by Christine Sefolosha, Mouthwatering: Medieval Food and Drink, Medieval Factory, and Magic Mountains: The Complete Works of Daniel Frank, 1816–2016. Byron Has Returned! Chillon and the Wonderful Era of Posters; Portraits of Ghosts by Hugo Bonamin; Lord Byron’s Return; Armor, Textiles, and Reflections.

3. Lake Geneva

In Western Europe, Lake Geneva in Switzerland stands out as a major body of water. Both Switzerland and France claim it as their own. The lake is 73 kilometres long, 14 kilometres wide, and 310 metres deep. Lake Geneva is well-known not just as one of the world’s largest lakes, but also as a result of the three distinct basins that its varied geological formations gave rise to (sedimentation, tectonic folding, and glacial erosion). Haut Lac (Upper Lake), Grand Lac (Large Lake), and Petite Lake (Small Lake) are the names of the three lakes (Small Lake).

Set in the heart of the Alps, the splendour of Geneva Lake’s shoreline is indescribable. The citizens of Geneva take great pride in their lake. The landscape of villages and castles on one side of the lake is rough and foreboding. Even while looking at it from the opposite side, one can see the boundary mountains.

Temperatures near Lake Geneva may drop into the negative digits in the winter and have only seldom risen beyond 35 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. It seldom gets above freezing, even in the summer, and it can get as much as 41 inches of snow in the winter. In this case, it would be wise to plan ahead and bring along some woollen sweaters and other warm clothing items. Bise can cause heavy ice on Lake Geneva during the winter months. Also travelling in Switzerland mandates health insurance. You can use Tiptop – Health Insurance Comparison to buy health insurances online. However, To get the right price and know which health insurance will be suitable in Geneva for your needs, you can use a health insurance comparison tool.

4. Saint Pierre

The Saint Pierre Cathedral is the primary cathedral in the historic district of Geneva. It is in the heart of Geneva’s historic district and has a view of the city and is more than 850 years old. Saint Pierre Geneva’s cathedral is a hodgepodge of styles, from Gothic to classical. The interior of Saint Pierre Cathedral is very old and quite big, and its height is 64 metres. Those interested in history might enjoy a trip to the Church. Jan Kalvin’s Triangular Stool, where the artist supposedly did his work, may also be found in the area, not far from the church.

Several important historical objects are housed in the International Museum of Reformation and Museum of Arts and History, both of which are located to the north of Saint Pierre Cathedral. The tranquillity of the area around the church makes it a must-see attraction. Using PrimApp – Health Insurance Comparison in Switzerland you can be more calm and enjoy your trip. As you will have not spent much money and got the right health insurance for your travel. 

5. Palace of Nations

The United Nations’ European Headquarters is housed in the Palace of Nations in Ariana Park, making it the second-largest UN headquarters building after New York. The League of Nations commissioned the construction of the Palace of Nations. In the 1920s, an architectural competition was launched to determine the look of the palaces. The architectural panel had to pick a winner from among 337 submissions. After much deliberation, they settled on a team of five architects to design the palace.

If you’re looking for the largest edifice in Europe, go no farther than the Palace of Nations. After it was moved to the United Nations, two more intentions were added to the structure. Every year, the Palace welcomes around 120,000 guests. The Palace of the Nations Tour provides a wealth of information about the building and its history. Any given trip may be taken in a number of different tongues. In addition to the Assembly Hall, the Council Chamber, and the Gifts Room where donations to the United Nations Office in Geneva are stored, visitors to the Palace of Nations will see the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Rooms.


In conclusion, the above mentioned is the list of the best five places to visit in Geneva. However, if you are also planning to settle there, you must know Switzerland is amongst the best places for living and has the best banking procedures. You can use Credit Loan in Switzerland for setting up your business or studying in Switzerland even as a foreigner. 


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