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Why NodeJS is Beneficial for Your Web Development Projects in 2021

  • August 18, 2021
  • 4 min read
Why NodeJS is Beneficial for Your Web Development Projects in 2021

With the evolution of the latest technologies, most of the leading programming technologies are now out of the popularity race. Over the years, NodeJS development has raised its mark of success in the market and is still continuing to stand in the competitive market of 2021. This comprehensive technology is making product owners and startups across the world hire NodeJS developers and choose it over various available options.

Even if you are a beginner to this comprehensive technology, you can hire NodeJS developers to use it for your web development project in 2021. Let’s take a thorough insight into NodeJS benefits and its scope in upcoming years.

NodeJS: A Quick Overview

NodeJS is mainly used for back-end development and ranks among the world’s leading frameworks. The majority of experts believe that NodeJS is worth learning in 2021.

NodeJS is neither a framework nor a library but rather a JavaScript runtime environment based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.

It was introduced as an effective alternative to the client-server model, in which the server gives a reaction only in response to the client request and shuts the connection after every response. NodeJS facilitates two-way connectivity and interactive communication between the user’s browser and the server, enabling high throughput and low latency.

Reasons Behind the Worldwide Popularity of NodeJS

Available for Various Hosting Services

NodeJS has emerged a lot in the past few years, and it has raised its standard significantly. Now, this comprehensive technology is available for different hosting service providers worldwide.


NodeJS offers a caching ability. In simple words, it stores information for some future requests. Whenever the user’s action requires some sort of information, it is taken from the cache. It enables making an app much faster.

NodeJS is Fast and Light

This superior technology utilizes Google’s V8 JavaScript engine that is developed in C++. It makes the application crucially lightweight and faster.

NodeJS Performance Advantages

Here we will take an insight into the five most crucial NodeJS benefits that will make you choose this technology for your next web development project.

Quick to Market

NodeJS comprises 700,000 modules on NPM. With the help of its ready-made modules instead of coding frequently cuts the development time. Moreover, the majority of product owners consider NodeJS as an X-factor enhancing productivity. It contributes to the quick release of the app and its updates.

Robust Architecture and Scalability

Microservices are getting highly popular nowadays as they enable iterative development and quick scalability of the app. NodeJS propels communication among the parts of the apps, making it run swiftly. It offers you the benefit of scaling applications without decreasing the performance or speed.

Large Open Source Community

The open-source technology NodeJS is not only free but the collaboration of extremely creative and engaged developers from different regions of the world. For NodeJS, a community with an intrinsic motivation to constantly make a successful product, instead of rigid money governance.

Reliable Performance

The expectations of users concerning the performance and loading speed continue to emerge. NodeJS has always helped product owners speed up the delivery of the back-end services and continues to grow. One such proof is the recent performance of AliExpress and eBay that uses NodeJS.

Why You Should Consider NodeJS for Web Development

Data Streaming

Due to its asynchronous nature, NodeJS is also a beneficial technology for real-time streaming of media, streaming of information from different resources, and applications that presuppose multiple file uploads. Netflix utilizing NodeJS is an excellent example here.

Real-time Apps

NodeJS can power real-time apps that process an extreme volume of short messages and require a minimal delay. For example, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Uber are all written on NodeJS.

DevOps Projects

As mentioned in the previous sections, NodeJS is the most suitable option for building lightweight pieces of the app – microservices – that enable development teams to create, deploy and maintain apps at the same time. Constant development and continuous integration are at DevOps’ core.

API Servers

Another excellent app of NodeJS is for building an API server. This is because NodeJS enables handling various concurrent connectivities and smoothly converting JavaScript components in JSON format.

Wrapping Up

This article would have given you a detailed overview of how beneficial NodeJS is for web development and the reasons which make it a go-to choice for your next project. Using such tremendous technology at work will surely help you achieve the desired goals for your product or business. All you need to do is hire dedicated NodeJS developers and build your app using various robust functionalities of NodeJS.