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Why change your posting style without deleting your old posting style on Instagram?

  • April 30, 2022
  • 3 min read
Why change your posting style without deleting your old posting style on Instagram?

Other social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram are so popular that most people use Instagram. Many people post different types of photos and videos on Instagram. The Instagram platform allows users to like, follow and share each other’s posts, which is why most Instagram users post a lot of photos and videos with different content on Instagram with a lot of interest to get likes and followers. Some people buy cheap instagram likes and followers on their own account.

You may be an Instagram user and you also post on Instagram for the purpose of getting lots of likes and followers on your Instagram account but if that is not nice then you will not get enough likes on your post. Remember that Instagram being a popular social media platform has a large number of users and there is always competition among these users, the one who can post the most interesting posts here is busy posting on Instagram. There are many users who regularly post on Instagram and delete their own outdated posts, but it is a mistake to do so. Never delete your old style on Instagram but change the style as discussed in detail below:

  • One should never think about one’s old posts and should not delete them because these are part of the journey and old posts are the history of the person. When your business needs a story and your followers and viewers want to see how your business has grown on Instagram, visitors will be able to see your older posts and imagine how you have developed your business. Most viewers want to see how a business develops. You can also use your old posts as part of your story.
  • Imagine how deceptive your account would look if you had thousands of followers on your Instagram account and only 2 or 1 post. When other viewers log in to your Instagram account and see the status of your account, viewers may think that these are probably some of your followers who may not be interested in following you, so you should never delete old posts from your Instagram account.
  • you are an experienced Instagram user then you must know that Instagram always wants you to use hashtags in your posts. If you use hashtags in your old posts and if you delete those old posts then all the old hashtags with your posts will be deleted which may reduce the amount of busyness in your account. That’s why old posts should never be deleted.
  • Plus, you’ll be able to create and post better content than ever before in the time you spend deleting all your old posts so that your followers will get a new post from you and they’ll share it with others. The number of likes and followers on the account will increase.

For these reasons, you should not delete old posts on Instagram. You can change the way you post new ones if you want.