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December 4, 2023

Why are custom neon signs uk so popular?

  • December 15, 2021
  • 6 min read
Why are custom neon signs uk so popular?

Neon lights offer more than just pretty optics. They are life, energy, and nostalgia all in one.

Origins In America, the first lights were introduced in the 1920s. The first signs sold for thousands of dollars in the United States.Custom neon signs uk has traveled from the laboratory to London and Las Vegas, lighting some of the most iconic structures in the world.

How does the neon light sign work?

Modern signage manufacturers now use light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, as their primary technology. Neon, also known as “vaporized necro” or “Neon,” is a rare and naturally occurring gas. Now, Neon is used to refer to all gases that emit visible light when an electrical current passes through them.

Which is better, Neon or LED?

How does neon light compare with LED Neon? We will compare them and find out what makes them different.

LED lights use 20% less energy than traditional Neon and are also more efficient. LEDs have a lower voltage, making them an excellent choice for nightlight applications that require a high level of light but don’t need bright colors or alpha blending options.


Neon lamps are made of glass tubing that is filled with rare gases. They need to be changed regularly. An LED neon sign will last for 15-20 years, or up to 100,000 hours before it needs to be replaced. Traditional neon signs can only last for 4-5 years. LED neon signs are the best option when looking for bright neon lights because of their durability.


Traditional Neon has one drawback: the fluorescent tubes are filled with neon gas once a sign is produced. It can only glow with static single-color illumination. There is no way to change the sign’s color or dim the light. Digital drivers can control LEDs, however. These digital drivers can be used to control LEDs to show any effect. This will allow you to flood your space with vibrant colors and endless combinations.

Performance issues

Neon lights can burn out. A sign may go completely dark or just a part of it. It could be due to various reasons, including transformers failing or wires burning out from high voltage. There is no risk of neon lighting going out and can be dimmed at any level. Digital drivers ensure that these lights don’t flicker or buzz and are free from other performance problems like buzzing or flickering.

Lighting effects

The color of traditional neon lamps/lights cannot be changed. Because they’re made of different gases, they don’t mix. Instead, they pass electricity through them to create light. When it is charged with electricity, Neon does not emit a blue-green glow. Instead, it produces a reddish-orange light. You need to use another gas to react with electricity to get a different color. However, LEDs aren’t just made of one gas. They have a diode inside them that emits light when electricity passes through. You can change the color of the semiconductor sheet within the diodes to make them talk different colors. You can also adjust each LED neon light individually. This allows you to create unique patterns and color changes.


Because it requires glass tubing and rare gases to be filled, a neon sign can be more costly than an LED neon. Because the gases must be replaced every few years, it adds to its cost. On the other side, LED Neon is much cheaper as it is made from tiny individual lights that are hidden in plastic or silicone. These lights also require less power, making them more affordable to operate. Neon is more costly than LED in maintenance and power consumption, so many cities have replaced their Neon signs today with energy-efficient LEDs. This makes LED Neon a popular choice for retailers and business owners.

Flexibility and size options

Large signs are great with Neon, but more minor signs will not be as well-suited due to its weight and limited color options (glowing orange). Neon cannot withstand temperature changes, so it can’t be mounted outdoors. On the other side, LED has many more color options and sizes. A wide range of sizes and designs can be made, which makes them a popular choice for custom-made signs. They are the best choice for custom signs. LEDs can also look like traditional neon lights. You can create the same effect as Neon by mounting two acrylic pieces with a gap between them and then filling that area with LED strips.

Resale value

Because most people aren’t familiar with neon lighting, it is less likely that the “new” value of the product will be retained. A vintage sign may be resold, but a Neon sign is more difficult to resell. On the other hand, Instagram neon logo lights have a higher resale price. People are always looking for unique features to enhance their homes or businesses and will often buy second-hand LED signs online, such as eBay.

Let’s review all the reasons LED neon lights are superior to Neon Lights.

  • Neon uses significantly less electricity than it does Neon.
  • It doesn’t emit heat.
  • Large displays have lower running costs.
  • It is better for the environment, as there are no harmful gasses.
  • Neon lights can be seen further away because they are brighter than tungsten and halogen and, therefore, more consistent.
  • It can be dimmed, flashed, or colorized.
  • It is much more durable than glass.
  • Estimated lifespan: Between 5-10 years
  • You can safely post it.
  • It is easy to connect and assemble.
  • You can duplicate brand designs exactly.
  • It’s easier to resell

All in all, LED neon signs are cheaper. LED neon signs are more durable, last longer, and consume less power than traditional neon signs. Although the technology behind these historic neon lighting fixtures has evolved, its effect is still the same: to illuminate and mesmerize with glowing color. Get your LED neon sign to inspire the world today! These unique lights have been delivered to clients around the globe for over ten years. You can see the amazing possibilities in our project gallery. Get started with your creative ideas using a variety of fonts, colors, and forms.