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July 6, 2022

Which is Safer: Electric Scooter or Bike?

  • January 18, 2022
  • 5 min read
Which is Safer: Electric Scooter or Bike?

When you think about user and eco-friendly commuting, two options that immediately pop out in our mind are the electric scooter and bike. Undoubtedly, bikes and electric scooters has changed the course of daily commuting with their convenience, value for money design, user-friendliness and safety features. 

However, there’s one thing we often ignore, it’s the safety comparison of these two commuters. So, which is safer, electric scooter or bike? 

Electric scooters at a first glance may appear to be safer than bikes, but, the reality is bleak. In America, accident cases in per thousands of electric scooter riders are much higher than bike riders. It happens, as studies showed, due to inattentiveness of the rider, not wearing helmet, etc. Nonetheless, fatal injuries due to electric scooter were less than bike accidents. Plus, when riders maintained 25MPH speed limit, it considerably reduced accidents of electric scooters. 

Electric Scooter or Bike: Which Offers Better Safety?

City dwellers in Europe and America are opting for eco-friendly and easy to ride commuting mediums. The electric scooter and bikes truly are the best options in this regard. Naturally, people have gone crazy about these commuters. No doubt, both bikes and e-scooters offer brilliant riding experience. But, how safe are these commuters? Also, which is safer?

We investigated into these questions and the answer will awe-stuck you. 

Electric scooters are slightly less safe than bikes. Yes, you might not believe but that’s the harsh reality. A study on electric scooter safety showed that 11% riders of electric scooter accidents needed hospitalization and almost half of the hospitalized e-scooter rider had serious injuries. They had bruises around their head, shoulder and knee. 

On the contrary, around 20% injured people due to bike accidents were hospitalized. However, they had less fatal injuries, as the New York Times report suggest. This study shows that although injuries due to electric scooter accidents are higher than bikes, they weren’t as fatal as bike injuries were. 

Next up, we found a data from Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) which runs under the direct governance of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s. It shows that there were 843 reported cases of deaths due to bike accidents. It comprises of 2% of death due to motor vehicles. On the contrary, deaths due to electric scooter accidents are yet to cross two figures. 

So, here’s our suggestion-

Although risks of injuries due to electric scooter are higher than bikes, these injuries aren’t as fatal as bike injuries. Thus, electric scooters are a safe option for daily commuting, if not safer than bikes. 

This discussion might prompt you buying an electric scooter for daily commuting. It’s understandable since the cost of an electric scooter has become pretty affordable too, these days. Nonetheless, we would like to draw your kind attention towards a few safety features of electric scooters for better and more enjoyable rides. 

Safety Suggestions for Safe Electric Scooter Rides 

When you buy and ride an electric scooter, safety should be your primary concern. You can opt for these suggestions for a safe riding experience. 

Follow the traffic rules:

Although most countries are yet to pull up practical traffic laws for electric scooters, you should follow the existing ones for general guideline. For instance, you shouldn’t ride on streets unless the local traffic allows it. Also, you should choose bike lanes to ride your e-scooter. 

Plus, many countries worldwide and most states in the US have limited the e-scooter speed at 25MPH. Although many e-scooters can easily cross 40-50MPH speed, we suggest you not to cross the set limit. Studies have found that when you drive within the suggested speed limit of 25MPH, risks of injuries due to e-scooter accidents reduces considerably. 

Always wear helmet and protective gear:

Most fatalities due to e-scooter and bike accident happen due to riders’ not wearing helmet. So, we would suggest you to wear a quality helmet while riding electric scooters. You may choose a ventilated and cushioned helmet for riding comfort. 

On top of it, you may wear protective gear such as knee and elbow guards for further safety. It will ensure you remain safe and sound even after falling from the electric scooter. 

Be attentive while riding:

Many electric scooter riders will fall off ad face minor injuries due to their inattentiveness. We have seen many riders considering their e-scooter toys and so, they take their rides pretty lightly. It increases the chance of accidents. Therefore, we suggest you to be attentive and be aware of your surroundings. You should follow the traffic signals and ensure your scooter has proper brakes for safe rides. 

Final Words 

When it comes to safety of electric scooter or bike, both commuters offer excellent features. However,  electric scooter riding is both fun and challenge. You should, thus, get an electric scooter with good electric controls, appropriate brakes and adequate front and rear lighting for safety. It will also ensure a fun and enjoyable ride.