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  • November 2, 2021
  • 4 min read

It’s okay to admit that you’re trying to figure out the difference between a babydoll Lingerie and the chemise. At a fundamental level they’re very alike: both pieces of lingerie appear like nighties and are quite short and are available in a variety of materials. Both have the potential to be sexy or sweet (or either) and are a favorite for anything from relaxing around the house to wooing your S.O. for a special event.
What’s the difference between the chemise and the babydoll? Which one is the best fit for your preferences and needs? This guide will help clear any doubts regarding the timeless lingerie pieces.


Did you realize that chemises were in use for many centuries and were initially a gender-neutral clothing? Actually, the first chemise, typically composed of cloth, would be worn over an robe or dress to avoid chafing and shield clothing from sweat during the Middle Ages.
The chemise was, in fact, the sole undergarment that was worn up until the 1820s. The chemise eventually was substituted by bras and panties, a full slip , and girdle at the start in the second half of 20th century, however, English workers continued to wear similar clothing until the 20th century’s early years. The chemise returned in the 1940s, and has since continued to be popular, sporting an array of modern fabrics and designs.
Due to the shortage of fabrics due to a shortage of fabric during World War II, American lingerie creator Sylvia Pedlar introduced super short nighties, which were later dubbed “babydolls” in 1942. The name was coined in reaction to the 1956 film “Baby” Doll, starring Carroll Baker The film begins with the actress wearing a babydoll. Babydoll PJ sets , which included the elasticized shorts that resembled bloomers were popular throughout the 1950s and  into the ’60s. The bottom was replaced in the years that followed by more fitted briefs. Today, many babydolls are sold with no bottom at all.


Babydolls and chemises are shorter and are able to be worn over the knee. Chemises generally hit the mid-thigh or lower and a babydoll typically is a bit shorter (sometimes right below your derriere). This is the reason why babydolls often are sold in sets with panties.

A differentiator between chemises and babydolls is that while the former is usually fitted snugly and skims over the physique, the later can be a bit looser especially in the area of hips. Babydolls typically have separate cups (and occasionally, underwire) which can provide support and highlighting the bust a bit more than the Chemise. For instance, this wire babydoll that is not lined provides support from the sides boning and seamed cups and anti-slip silicone to ensure everything stays in place. It also has a an lace trim that is scalloped around the hem and an additional bow for stylish visual interest.
Both styles are sleeves-free and are available in many different fabrics, such as satin, nylon, chiffon blends, cotton silk, lace, and. In addition, both styles (and baby dolls specifically) can have feminine details like ribbons, lace trim ruffles, and bows. Babydolls are a excellent choice for bridal and lingerie.
Let’s look at. A babydoll and a chemise although both are stylish nightwear that could be used for various occasions, have distinct characteristics. For instance, a chemise is likely to be longer and sits somewhere between the mid-thigh and knee, whereas a babydoll is just below the panties , and not more than mid-thigh. In addition, both styles are positioned close to the ribcage and bust The babydoll will be more flowing on the bottom, while the chemise is fitted close to the hips and thighs.