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October 2, 2023

What to Look For in Tractor Insurance

  • September 25, 2021
  • 3 min read
What to Look For in Tractor Insurance

A tractor also needs insurance.  After all, accidents cannot be ruled out in agriculture.

Without exception, every motor vehicle that is used on public roads requires liability insurance. For this reason, you must also take out appropriate insurance for your tractor. In the event of damage, it bears the costs incurred by a third person.

If damage to the tractor itself is also to be covered, the optional conclusion of a partial or fully comprehensive insurance is recommended. In the guide you can find out which services you benefit from which type of tractor insurance, which special features there are and what it can cost to insure a tractor.

What benefits does tractor insurance include?

If you would like to take out insurance for your tractor, the range of services always depends on the type of insurance you have chosen. Liability insurance is compulsory, the rest is optional.

What special features should you pay attention to when you want to insure a tractor?

Among other things, there is certain additional equipment, such as B. Superstructures or extensions, to the special features of tractor insurance. Before you buy insurance for your tractor, make sure it is covered.

What does tractor insurance cost?

One would always look for how much is tractor insurance? With tractor insurance, the prices always depend on the selected provider. Therefore, an insurance comparison is also worthwhile for a tractor. Factors such as the owner’s no- claims class, the agreed deductible as well as the purpose and performance of the tractor can all have an impact on the costs.

Driving a tractor: what the insurance covers

Depending on which type of insurance is suitable for your tractor, this automatically affects the range of services. You basically have three options if you want to take out insurance for your tractor:

Would you like to take out insurance for your tractor? Calculate the costs directly with the desired provider.


This form is compulsory insurance. It pays for damage caused to a third person by the tractor.

Partial coverage:

The benefit of this type of insurance relates to damage to the tractor itself , for which the owner is not to blame.

Fully comprehensive

Self-inflicted damage to the tractor is covered by the insurance, provided it is fully comprehensive. Here you are completely covered.

Important: The exact benefits can also vary depending on the selected insurance provider – regardless of the type of insurance. You should also note a few special features if you want to take out insurance for your tractor. If this has certain additional equipment, such as extensions or superstructures, you should find out in advance whether these are included in the protection.

Tractor insurance: what the costs depend on

It is advisable to make a price comparison before purchasing insurance for your tractor. After all, providers have the right to set their own prices. Some of the things that can affect the cost of trek insurance include the following:

  • Intended use of the tractor
  • possible previous damage
  • Key number
  • Performance of the tractor
  • Special use

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