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December 8, 2022

What should you know about VA and IPS before choosing your TV?

  • March 14, 2022
  • 3 min read
What should you know about VA and IPS before choosing your TV?

The television industry has been transformed beyond imagination in the recent years. The modern television products are equipped with some of the most advanced features, smart functionality, and AI capabilities thus providing the consumers with an ultimate entertainment experience. Today if you are looking to purchase a television set then there are so many different things and specs that you need to consider before making an informed decision regarding your purchase. Before you proceed with the purchase it is important to know what exactly you are looking for and then based on that browse comparable offerings in the market.

The difference between VA and IPS panels

The television sets consist of VA and IPS panels which provide a different viewing experience for the viewers. The VA stands for vertical alignment whereas IPS stands for in-plane switching. The difference between these two panels essentially lie in 3 aspects: contrast feature, viewing angle, and black uniformity. When you are looking for a new TV, you can either go with the VA or IPS panel. There is no ideal panel, it just depends on your requirements and viewing preference.

When it comes to viewing angle, the IPS panels generally have wider viewing angle and the image accuracy tends to remain high even when you view the screen from the side. When it comes to the VA panels, the display will appear washed out in the wide angle viewing of the screen from the sides.

As far as contrast feature is concerned, the IPS panel tends to offer the contrast ratio of 1000:1. So when you are watching the black color scene on the IPS panel, the black color tends to be slightly greyed out. The VA panel, on the other hand, offers superior contrast ratio which is 6000:1 and that is impressive. It has the capability of displaying the dark environment or color darker.

The black uniformity also differs on IPS and VA panels. The display of bright images from the screen center while the rest of the screen is meant to display black is referred as black uniformity. Because of the low contrast ratio, the black color comes across as slightly greyed out in IPS panel. The VA panel tends to have better black uniformity in comparison to the IPS panels. So ultimately the choice of the panels between IPS and VA for your television set depends on what suits your requirements the best depending on the pros and cons of these panels.

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