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December 8, 2022

What should you know about solar floating PV system?

  • December 20, 2021
  • 3 min read
What should you know about solar floating PV system?

There has been a sustained deterioration of our planet’s environment over the years which needs to be addressed globally. Due to this very reason many industries are using solar powered equipments rather than traditional ones. These solar products are not only eco-friendly but they are also cost efficient. If you are looking for solar energy powered products than you have to install solar panels on different surfaces with the help of solar mounting system. There are a wide range of companies that provide this service in the market and you can choose from any of these companies.

Mibet is one of the leading and renowned brands in the solar energy industry. Whether you need solar products or solar mounting system Mibet new energy is your go to company. The vision of the company is to be a leading supplier in solar energy products and give efficient solutions to the customers which help in preserving our environment. The Mibet energy also provides effective service and assistance with the installation of these solar equipments.

Mibet is a top high-tech enterprise that offers its employees with high class growth platform and an excellent investments return for the shareholders. The Mibet energy uses many different types of solar mounting systems for diverse surfaces that are used for solar energy. You can visit the website for complete information and getting your queries answered by Mibet’s professional team.

Understanding the floating solar photovoltaic system

A floating solar photovoltaic (FPV) system is an emerging technology in which a solar photovoltaic (PV) system is placed directly on top of a body of water, as opposed to on land or on building rooftops. It is also commonly known as floating PV system. This floating solar photovoltaic system can be installed on many different water bodies like lake, ponds, dams, etc. solving the problem of land shortage. Mibet offers world class service in providing solutions for floating solar system which includes such a modular design that is easy to install and has maximum efficiency. The material used i.e HDPE in floating solar system undergoes many tests and trials such as Hunt test, anti-aging test, anti-UV test. They also ensure that the life span of these plates and system are 25 years or more.

In floating solar photovoltaic system there are two different type of systems provided by the company and one of them is the MRac Solar Floating System G4S. This G4S system has modular design that makes it easy to install and maintain. It increases the volume of floater to add the buoyant force of floater that helps to maximize the advantages of the plates. High density Polyethylene is used in these systems to ensure durability. This model is compatible with various solar modules and applications. You can check out the company website for comprehensive information related to the product and its installation.