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March 28, 2023

What is the ideal time to attempt NMAT mock tests?

  • December 31, 2021
  • 4 min read
What is the ideal time to attempt NMAT mock tests?

Practicing the NMAT Mock Test is vital to getting a good score in the main exam. Even though candidates can attempt the NMAT exam thrice in a year but to improve their score, practicing mock tests is the ultimate way to score better.

This article will give you some beneficial advice related to NMAT exam preparations, which will give aspirants advantages over your competitors.

Preparation Strategy:

For NMAT 2021, candidates should kickstart their preparation early. They should prepare a strategy and should follow a day-wise timetable. The NMAT exam practice plan should include:

  • Procure NMAT practice books and study material
  • Follow your schedule strictly to complete the NMAT syllabus on time 
  • Exercise NMAT mock tests and sample papers daily.

Changes Introduced in NMAT Syllabus:

Last year, GMAC introduced a new policy in the NMAT exam structure 2020. The total number of questions was reduced from 120 to 108, and the section-wise time limit was modified. 

 Total questions – 108

Number of sections – 3

Time allotted – 120 Minutes

3 marks are rewarded for each correct answer, and there will be no negative marking for incorrect answers.  

Check The Section-Wise NMAT Question Paper:

SECTION(NMAT 2021*)NO. Of Questions (NMAT 2021*)Time (NMAT 2021*)Score Range (NMAT 2021*)was
TOTAL108120 MIN0-360


Prepare For NMAT Like a Pro

Six months is sufficient time to prepare for the NMAT exam. All you need is an intelligent exam strategy. Divide your last six months of the exam into three stages:

Stage 1: Complete the NMAT syllabus

  • Assign at least 3 months to cover the entire syllabus of NMAT.
  • Be thorough with all the topics in each section
  • Give more attention to the topics you find tough but do not leave any topic.
  • Don’t jump to another topic without completing one.

Stage 2: Practice mock tests and sample papers

  • Allot 2 months for solving Mock tests and Sample papers
  • Practice a minimum of 1 mock test and sample paper every day.
  • Take mock tests seriously to get an idea of your preparation level. 

Stage 3: Revise what you have learned.  

  • Dedicate the last one month before the exam for revision 
  • Revise all the chapters, concepts, formulae, etc. several times
  • Refrain from studying anything new before exams.

Few More Preparation Tips For Those Who Started Late: 

Candidates who started preparing for NMAT later this year should not worry. You can also prepare well for the exam if you are determined.

  • Make sure that your basic concepts are clear in all three subjects.
  • Refer to online preparation guides from suggested practice books for NMAT preparation.
  • Solve sample papers and take at least 20-30 mock tests. 
  • Solve the previous year’s question paper to understand the test pattern.
  • Work on your weak points.

Why is it essential to take mock tests seriously?

It prepares you well for your main NMAT Exam. By taking mock tests regularly at BYJU’s Exam Prep, you would be able to grasp the exam pattern and would be able to get hold of the timing. It makes you comfortable even in tough situations. You can show your efficiency in the exam hall by completing the exam on time and can revise. The most important point of taking a mock test is identifying your faults and flaws and working on them accordingly. 


Your performance is based on your preparation. All the preparations would prove futile if you don’t perform well. The three key tips for optimum execution on the NMAT exam day:

  • If you want to know how to deal with exam anxiety, read articles or interviews of the last few years topper and know their experience.
  • Revision is a must, revise thoroughly but don’t panic.
  • Enter the exam center an hour before the exam starts
  • Stay calm and refrain from unhealthy junk food. 

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