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July 6, 2022

What Child Resistant Packaging Is Best For Your Family?

  • March 4, 2022
  • 3 min read
What Child Resistant Packaging Is Best For Your Family?

Brands that sell age-restricted or potentially hazardous consumables should use child resistant packaging. It is a good idea to check regulations for packaging any restricted use products and use good sense. Ask yourself what you would want to use in your own home, or a household with children, when deciding on the best child resistant packaging for products.

Finding a Resealable Package

Just because packaging is CR does not mean that it is limited to a single use. Find out how to get Mylar bags custom designed with CR zippers. These zippers are difficult for kids under the age of five to open, while being easy enough for adults to use. Resealable zippers can be more user-friendly than conventional CR rigid plastic cap designs. As an added benefit, environmentally conscious brands can also select post-consumer recycled CR zippers.

Safe packaging requirements apply to single-use and resealable packaging. Pharmaceuticals, supplements, herbal medicines and household cleaners are covered in the U.S. Poison Prevention Packaging Act. These and other products may also have unique requirements with regard to barrier films. Ask a packaging specialist about the best CR resealable packaging options for any products.

Package You Can Trust

Flexible packaging services work with brands to select materials and develop package designs that meet relevant regulations. Brands that make consumables and household products may be held to standards set forth in Title CFR / 16 Part 1700 of the PPPA and ASTM D3475. Flexible packaging made out of Mylar and PCR materials meet test protocol requirements for CR materials.

Most consumables require airtight packaging. One of the main benefits of packaging snack products in flexible pouches made of Mylar films is that this material keeps odors in while sealing out oxygen and moisture. Whether you need or want CR packaging or simply want to find an affordable way to package consumables, you can rely on the expertise of a flexible packaging provider.

Benefits of Child Resistant Packaging

Products covered by the PPPA or other poison-prevention regulations should always be sold in CR packaging. In addition to the design of packaging, it is also important to adhere to any labeling requirements for safe use. Brands can reduce liability for fines or lawsuits by meeting relevant safety requirements.

Makers of other types of products that are age-restricted in usage or could potentially pose harm to a child who consumes a large amount should also consider CR packaging for the same reason. Whether you are bringing a new product to market or making the switch from rigid plastic CR packaging, flexible packaging offers the necessary safety features in addition to a wide range of design possibilities.

CR packaging helps to keep age-restricted products out of the reach of children. It is no longer necessary to sell these products in bulky rigid plastic containers with lid designs that often unintentionally prove difficult for some adults to use. Making safety and user-friendliness top priorities when selecting product packaging can help businesses that sell consumables promote both consumer safety and satisfaction.