What Are The Best Controller Settings in FIFA 22    
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October 2, 2023

What Are The Best Controller Settings in FIFA 22

  • October 2, 2021
  • 5 min read
What Are The Best Controller Settings in FIFA 22

How to get the best settings for the controller and camera in FIFA 22? The proper gameplay setting will provide the maximum assistance for obtaining wins and FIFA coins as the rewards. If you are looking for a fast way to earn cheap FIFA 22 coins, maybe you can try out the methods that work in FUT 21 ever.

Basically, all you have to do is open the main menu, go to the customize section, which is very straightforward, then enter the settings section, and then navigate to the modify controls section. The first thing you’ll notice is something called the competitive master switch. You should play with this switched on since it’s automatically turned on in games like rivals and champions, allowing us to participate in leagues and other such activities. You should keep it on all the time so that you’re accustomed to playing with it, but also as a side note, you can switch between controllers and press the space bar. You can rearrange things, or you can just put it up in a way that enables you to rearrange the buttons if that’s something you want to do, and the same is true for defense. As for controller settings, you want to go ahead and toggle this on, because if you have other things turned on and then you toggle this on, it automatically turns on all of the other things and drops the settings all the way to the bottom of this page.

What is important to notice about the competitive master switch is that, due to the fact that these settings are clearly imposed, you don’t feel the same sort of gluing to attackers that you did last year. That’s more difficult to stay with them, so you simply have to get accustomed to it. That’s why you may have had difficulty staying with attackers defensively this year. True pass aid, which is on semi instead of assisted, is something you could have done last year, and it doesn’t really make that much of a difference in terms of performance. It does imply that the strength and direction of the ball are more important when passing, and that tactical defense has always been required in the Ultimate Team setting. Buy FUT 22 coins with the biggest coupon at UTPLAY for the best starting in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

You’ve also got the FIFA trainer, which you’ll want to keep hidden because no one wants to see that unless it’s like your first time ever playing FIFA. Not only is it a must-have, but it’s also a must-learn; you can’t simply put it on and forget about it; you have to learn how to do it correctly. It is the little indication that goes over the person nearest to you to inform you who you will be switching to that indicates the following play. There is a personal preference for this. Because it helps you intercept better and switch more quickly if you press LB, it should absolutely be turned on while pressing LB. This is entirely up to you; the three choices are automatic, which you should never have turned on, and this essentially happens every time they pass you by. It’ll make the transition. Then, this year, you have air balls or loose balls, which weren’t in the bag, which is the most aggravating thing that has ever happened to you. With loose balls, you can get away with it. The reason you definitely needed to have airballs on and not manual was primarily for things like corners and crosses; if you have it set to manual, it’s extremely difficult to get the correct person at the right time, and you end up competing solely from crosses. You should absolutely avoid using manual, since it is a suicide mission, but you can get away with using air balls or automatic; however, doing so requires you to swap players too often, and you are unable to utilize a CDM to pursue back.

If you’re bad at defending, the higher this should be set, the lower it should be set, and if you’re really good at defending, the lower it should be set. If you’re terrible at defending, set this to the highest setting, if you’re okay at defending, set it to the lowest setting, and if you’re really good at defending, you want complete control, so you want no assistance. To put it another way, if the player is running down the left side of the screen and you switch to them, if you have high, it will continue running down the left side for a short period of time, if you have low, it will only keep going left for about a half-second, and if you have none, it will immediately switch to whatever you tell it to do.