What Are The Advantages Of Bajaj Finserv EMI Card    
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What Are The Advantages Of Bajaj Finserv EMI Card

  • November 11, 2021
  • 5 min read
What Are The Advantages Of Bajaj Finserv EMI Card

The Bajaj Finserv Card is a card that lets you access a pre-approved loan of up to 4 lakh rupees to make purchases. The card can be used both online and offline. The amount that you spend can be easily repaid in equal monthly instalments. This card lets you go to any big name store that you buy electronics, appliances and equipment from and pay for your purchases with the card. 

Partner stores network

One of the biggest advantages that the Bajaj Finserv Card offers you is the vast partner store network of over 60,000 partner stores that are located all over the country. The partner store network is not only confined to large cities. You will find Bajaj Finserv partner stores in small cities and towns. It is also accepted widely in online stores. You can use the Bajaj Finserv card just as you would a normal credit or debit card when you make a purchase. You can also avail of its use digitally through the app or Bajaj EMI Card login if you want to. Many partner stores have special benefits and offers exclusively for Bajaj Finserv customers who pay with the EMI card. The company also provides you access to the EMI store that offers you all the big brand goods you would need to improve your home and lifestyle. With an in-house store so good, you may not need to shop elsewhere after you apply for EMI card and start using it. 

Straightforward eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria to apply for EMI card is very simple and straightforward. You can determine if you are eligible for the card with these simple criteria.

  • You have to be between the ages of 21 and 60 to apply for the card offline
  • You have to be between 21 and 60 to apply online
  • You should also have a steady source of income. 

Online application does not require documentation. To apply for the card offline, you will need your PAN card, address proof, cancelled cheque and signed ECS mandate. The ECS limit is the amount limit you permit Bajaj Finserv to withdraw from your bank via Electronics Clearance Services (ECS). If you are eligible for the card you can apply either offline or online. Make a purchase at one of the partner stores and submit the required documents to apply for the card. You can apply online by clicking this link. The documents required through the Bajaj EMI Card login are very minimal. For an offline application, submit your PAN card, address proof, cancelled cheque and signed ECS mandate.

Smart card management app

You can apply for EMI card and easily manage the card online. You do not have to rely on traditional methods to manage or pay for your card. The Bajaj Finserv Card is the card that is most suitable for modern times. It brings the management of your card to a smart device in the palm of your hand.  You can view your statement and study the history of your past spending on the app. You can also modify your personal details if required. If you need any assistance concerning your EMI card, you can ask for help through the app. It also allows you to pay your instalments easily. The app is very simple and straightforward to use for both newbies and those familiar with online applications. You do not need printed statements or emails to know about your spending and repayment status when you have this app on your phone or device. 

Safety and security features

The Bajaj Finserv card gives you peace of mind with its security feature. Even if you misplace your card or if someone tries your card number for payment, it cannot be verified without the OTP on your registered mobile number. This ensures that the card can only be used by you or with your permission. The app and Bajaj EMI Card login used to manage your card also have the same high-security features. So, your data and spending information is for your eyes only. 


The Bajaj Finserv EMI card has flexibility as an essential feature in many ways. You can use it both online and offline. You can carry it as a physical card that you swipe to make a purchase. You can also use it as a digital card. You can make a payment with the card simply by using the card number. However, the card cannot be misused because all payments need to be authenticated with an OTP. Another flexible benefit is the repayment schedule. Most cards will have a fixed number of months for you to pay the EMI. But the Bajaj Finserv EMI card lets you choose the tenure of your loan to suit your preferences. If you want to pre close the loan, you can do so after 6 EMI payments without any penalties. 

The card is very widely accepted and offers a host of benefits to the users of the card. The Bajaj Finserv team has addressed all the customer needs to ensure that the card is straightforward to use and offers all-around benefits and advantages. It is convenient and smart and gives you more purchasing power. 

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