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May 28, 2022

Wedding gift ideas for LGBT couples in London

  • October 18, 2021
  • 3 min read
Wedding gift ideas for LGBT couples in London

When it comes to buying a wedding gift for a conventional heterosexual couple, there are several options available. But one may be a little confused when it comes to a same-sex couple. The couple tied the knot in a same-sex marriage want the same things in their wedding as any other couple.  After the legalization of same-sex marriages, there has been an increase in gay marriages. If you are going to attend one soon, and are confused about what to gift the couple then here are a few options to choose from.


Although necklaces may seem like a gift that is usually given to partners, it may be the perfect gift for a gay couple. A simple chain necklace for both of them would look spectacular on casual wear. You could also gift necklaces that matches with their wedding rings hatton garden. A designer necklaces, especially puzzle necklaces where the pendants fit into one another, will also make a great gift.

Matching pyjamas set and bathrobes

A luxurious matching pyjama set for the just married couple can give them a perfect start to their married life. Getting their last names embroidered on it will be an excellent way to personalize it. Even a warm and cosy bathrobe would be loved by the couple, because let’s face it, who doesn’t like a touch of luxury in their lives.


Bracelets are versatile items that can be given as a wedding gift to any couple. When it comes to LGBT couples, there are several bracelets that are especially designed to cater to their tastes. Black diamond tennis bracelet is a favorite among the customers. Also, bracelets made of coloured diamonds representing the rainbow colours of the LGBTQ community look great on the wrists of the same sex couple.

Wine bottle

Wine is the perfect drink that can be used to celebrate almost any happy occasion. Presenting the couple with a bottle of good wine will allow them to celebrate this momentous occasion in private. Wine bottles with customized rainbow labels will add a personal touch to the gift which will surely impress the couple.

Photo Frames

The couple celebrating their wedding will have a lot more milestones to celebrate in their life ahead. To commemorate those times, a beautiful photo frame will be required which you can gift them at their wedding. This will be a special gift which the couple can use at their discretion to capture a moment in time and store it in the frame.


Cufflinks come in a variety of designs and are an ideal gift for men. So if you’re thinking of buying a gift for a gay couple, then cufflinks would be a good idea. You can choose cufflinks in rainbow colours that represents their community. You could also personalize it by buying cufflinks with their initials imprinted on them. Cufflinks embedded with blue sapphire hatton garden, would also be great since blue is a colour that mostly matches all men’s outfits.