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October 1, 2023
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Water Purifier And After-Sales Service In Gurgaon

  • August 20, 2021
  • 5 min read
Water Purifier And After-Sales Service In Gurgaon

In a city like Gurgaon where civic amenities are under continuous pressure due to increasing population and pollution. Water supply has always been a pain point for residents of Gurgaon. Since Gurgaon does not have any natural water sources for its usage and depends upon neighboring states for the same. Due to this reason, Gurgaon faces a scarcity of drinking water, especially in the summer seasons. The next challenge that residents have to face is the quality of water supplied.

Based on lab reports, it has been found that most of the water supplied in the Gurgaon suburb is not suitable for drinking. There is a higher content of particulates and pathogens present in the water. Due to this very reason, most of the Gurgaon residents have RO water purifiers in their homes, and they do regular RO service as well for the best of quality. Here we talk in detail RO water purifiers and the brands available in Gurgaon. Also, we will talk about Aquaguard water purifier services and why they are so famous.

Why Do We Need A Trusted Water Purifier Brand

In India and Gurgaon, Aquaguard is marketed by Eureka Forbes. In Gurgaon, you can find many showrooms and dealers selling their RO water purifiers. We must remember that water purifiers are high-maintenance products. They need timely servicing and replacement of parts to provide the best quality drinking water. To do that, the brand that you go with should not only manufacture good water purifiers. They must have a better network of post-sales service centers and high-quality customer care centers.

Aquaguard fulfills all these criteria as they are one of the oldest and trusted brands across the country and Gurgaon as well. Water purifiers are of many types nowadays, but the most commonly used ones in the household are RO-based water purifiers. They employ a special membrane that stops nano-sized particles and thus makes the water free from almost any kind of particulate or suspended matter. Then we have the coal-based filter to soak any additional impurities.

On top of these filters, we have external cloth-based filters to stop bigger particles like mud and soil. They do the heavy lifting making sure that the subtle task of filtering smaller things can be done more easily by inner more sophisticated filters. Some of the other models employ other techniques as well, but the RO method is most famous. Few purifiers also add a UV ray unit to kill all possible germs from the water. Now we know what is behind the water purifiers, and it’s time to choose the brand and model for your household or office in Gurgaon.

Get Your Water Purifier Service On Time

Once you purchase your water purifier it becomes crucial to contact the nearest service center store to schedule water purifier installation and other services according to the availability of the service center. Once that is done, then on the scheduled date, the service engineer will pay a visit to your place for installing the water purifier. In the case of the Aquaguard water purifier, you need to call the Aquaguard service Gurgaon customer care center, and they will make the arrangement for you. Engineer post-installation will also educate you about the dos and don’ts of the water purifier. Get the solutions by the service engineer around the working of the water purifier.

You can call for maintenance or replacements based on the water output. You can also call customer care and get these questions answer as well. Ideally, once you start using the water purifier after about a year, you should go for the replacement of your filter parts. Also, within every three months, you should get your water purifiers clean and serviced by the service engineers—each time the engineer pays a visit, you will have to pay visiting charges to them. Also, for every replaced part, you need to pay the money against it. But there is a way to get rid of this cost, and it’s call the AMC scheme.

In the AMC scheme, you pay a lump sum amount upfront post your one-year warranty expires to extend the same for a period of one or two years, which implies the fact that going ahead with all your service charges and replacement of parts if damaged or at their end of life will happen free for the given period of time. This is the best option to opt for because servicing and parts replacement is a certain thing in the life of a water purifier. It will happen, and without AMC, you will pay that amount. With AMC, you just pay the lump sum, which is lesser than those additional costs added together.


In the end, we can say that living in a city like Gurgaon has its own pros and cons. Water is one such con, but with water purifiers from Aquaguard and their great post-sales service in Gurgaon, that con converts into a pro.