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November 30, 2023
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Tips for Using Shelves to Arrange Books in Organized Way

  • August 12, 2021
  • 3 min read
Tips for Using Shelves to Arrange Books in Organized Way

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Do you pack your books carelessly whenever you get some additional space on the shelf? Instead of just cramming the books, try to change your habit and organize the books to make book selection easy for the readers. It is necessary to organize your favorite book collection so you do not waste time while searching for a specific book. Utilize Homzmart discount code and order bookshelves in rectangular, vertical, pot shape, Bradley coconut shelf, or in book stand form within reasonable price. After selecting the bookshelf of your choice, follow the below-mentioned tips to make book selection simple and trouble-free.

  • Arrangement of Books

First of all, sort out your books and rearrange the hardcover books and paper cover books separately. After separating the hard and soft covers, arrange the books according to the color theme. It is ideal for those who want a statement bookshelf. You can give a rainbow theme by arranging dark and light colors.

  • Stacking is not Bad

Gone are the days when books were used to arrange in fine rows. Now, you can make the bookshelves stand out by stacking the books according to size, cover, or event theme.

  • Subject or Genre-based Organization

The selection of books according to genre makes the organization interesting and competitive. You can keep mystery books together, and then arrange literature novels, cookbooks, and travel autobiographies. Genre makes it serene to keep the books according to interest and mood. When you are in a mood to read interesting English novels, satisfy yourself by choosing Shakespeare’s dramas or American novels to spice up the holiday. Get Homzmart discount code to keep the stylish bookshelves in the drawing room, living area, or study room.

  • Alphabetical Arrangement of Books

Do not waste the time when you need to reread the desired book. Instead, it is good to display the book either on the front or in the center to discriminate easily. Another interesting and easy way is to place the books alphabetically if you can remember the names of authors or book titles. It is superb when you have a lot of books and you want to make a mini library to arrange in a perfect way.

  • Set your Books according to Feelings

It is natural that books give different feelings while reading. Some books compel you to laugh out loud whereas others bring tears in eyes. There are many interesting books that cannot let you leave the sofa for hours. There are books to chase your passion and smash your innocence. Organize the books as the feelings you have after reading books.

Select Homzmart discount code and arrange an eye-catching place to systematize the book’s order. Keep the unread books on one shelf and carry the tag (To Be Read). It is good to keep books of the same height and size in one place to give an uncluttered look. Side by side, the classic and contemporary subjects, deceased and living writers, and books are written in specific eras are some of the ways to arrange your library.