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November 28, 2023

Urologist Disability Insurance

  • January 2, 2023
  • 3 min read
Urologist Disability Insurance

The purpose of urologist disability insurance is to reduce the risk of financial vulnerability from urologists’ future. This insurance plan is well thought out, defined and is profession specific scheme which overall fulfill the requirements of our customers.

INSTANT DISABILITY gives you benefits for your inability or incapacity of doing work when any of our customers goes through disability. Through this policy you get money without physically going to your workplace and not even doing anything in every sense of the term even in home to earn money because that’s what company is supposed to do for you – paying monthly cash benefits to you covering most portion of your last drawn salary amount.

Understanding urology disability

The term disability and it’s definition is not at all misinterpreted it simply means that if one gets disabled due to illnesses, injury, disease or any other X,Y,Z reasons you will be given the benefits.

As urology is a specific medicine field and does not comes in general medicine it takes years of hard work and money to become an urologist. Income earned is also very much significant. If by any chance you miss this earning opportunities in your career due to disability anyone would certainly feel the pain of losing income potential. But, don’t worry we are here with a solution to this problem- urologist disability insurance by INSTANT DISABILITY.

This insurance plan will give you the feeling of financial security completely as you will receive higher premium which can easily take care of your monthly expenses.

The price at which you will get policy differs from person to person reason being factors such as age, health status, your lifestyle, hobbies all are considered before deciding the price to be paid individually by urologist for getting this disability insurance policy. Smaller is your age cheaper will be the policy to buy. So get your insurance policy done today itself by the time your insurance policy will grow it will forward you a very valuable amount required most at the time of disability.

Although the policy is non-cancellable changes in the policy can be made time to time according to your needs and wants. The policy is amendable, customizable as well as portable.

Generally the company will ensure around 60 to 65% of your income to be paid to you but as mentioned earlier that the policy is customizable and you can increase the number of insurability to higher percentage to get high amount of premium.

After the medically proving documents of disability the benefits of the insurance will be forwarded after the elimination period although of short duration of around 1-2 weeks.

Even urologists are not immune of getting disease which can cause disability. Don’t delay further before it gets too late. INSTANT DISABILITY believes in building strong relationships with their customers. We have introduced this policy for urologists after considering every possible vulnerability you can go through. So, become the part of INSTANT DISABILITY family without delaying it further and enjoy the benefits of policy.