Types of display boxes and how they present and advertise the product    
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December 8, 2022

Types of display boxes and how they present and advertise the product.

  • October 28, 2021
  • 5 min read
Types of display boxes and how they present and advertise the product.

The demand for packaging is increasing every passing second. This is because we cannot do anything without packaging boxes. So whether you want to sell your products globally or own a business, packaging plays a crucial role. 

Let us imagine we are starting a business. After careful consideration of what product we want to sell, the next stage is to choose the packaging. This step is most crucial because it can either increase the product’s worth or devalue it. 

That is the reason why sellers all over the world are trying their hardest to get themselves perfect packaging. But what exactly is wholesome packaging? And how does it affect our business? 

Perfect display boxes not only help us to deliver the product safely to the client. But it also proves to be essential for marketing. A mere packaging box is helpful for marketing? How is it possible? 

Appearance is everything these days. Even a delicious dessert requires packaging that adds glamor to it.

What are display boxes?

There are some packaging that is getting used for a specific purpose. For example, retailers use these boxes to showcase the products. But the question is why? Why can’t we showcase the item on the shelf?

Many products get released every day. And many people do not even know anything about them. With the help of displays, we can highlight the product and can increase our sales.  

Advantages of display packaging boxes:

● These boxes highlight the item professionally and elegantly.

● These boxes increase the products’ worth.

● They prove to be effective for marketing and to increase net sales.

● They are customizable and are available in any shape and size. 

● They can easily manipulate the customer into buying the item. And the sellers do so by printing the unique feature of the product onto the display.

● Displays boxes are beneficial for sellers as the effects could get arranged professionally around the store.

● The sellers can print catching images to get the audience’s attention. 

● They can advertise your brand and help promote it.

● It attracts the targeted audience. Only the people interested in that particular product would find it more appealing.

● They allow the customer and seller to know where to find the product.

Types of displays.

There are various types of displays, and each one gets designed, especially for one product. So let us discuss these types briefly.

Let us start with countertop display packaging boxes. These packaging cases are specially composed to place at the counter. They get designed to showcase small products like napkins, chopsticks, candies, etc. 

Countertop boxes are popular among retailers as they could keep the counter tidy. Other than that, smaller products often get ignored by customers. But when we keep it beside the register, they can purchase it instantly.

End caps:

These are the displays that get placed at the end of the aisle in the supermarket. End caps especially get used to promote a business or a product. It also highlights some special deals or some retails also place commonly purchased products in them. In this way, it gets more accessible for the customer to shop for the item they need.

Power wings.

Power wings are also known as sidekicks. AS implied from their name, they get designed to hang on the side of the aisle. 

Such displays never fail at attracting customers. They can get attached to the shelf with a clip or adhesive.

Floor displays.

These displays hold the larger size product and hence are also extensive. As the name implies, they get placed on the floor serving visuals. These display boxes in the UK are often manufactured with corrugated material. Hence it is not that easy to break them down.

Jewelry displays.

These are the type of cases that get manufactured with glass or high-quality organic plastic. They are getting used to showcasing ornaments, cosmetics, or jewelry. The customer can efficiently examine the product they want to buy from the clear glass. Other than that, such displays keep the expensive item safe from any harm, dust, or rust.

How to customize a display professionally.

The more professional and elegant your display box packaging appears, the more customers it can attract.

There are various ways from which we can customize our box. However, there are so many factors that we should consider and be careful about. Let us discuss them briefly:

While placing the logo onto your displays, make sure that it is not too big or small. Notice whether it is big enough to be noticed by the customers. Also, place your slogan beside the logo as a marketing strategy. The slogan must be written in a large size so that it could be noticeable from some distance. But it should still look visually appealing.

Other than that, carefully choose the color with which you want to customize your box. It can either increase the value of your products or devalue them. Hire a designer if you have to, but do not take a chance with color and typography.

How displays present and advertise the product.

We previously discussed various types of displays. Each item must get placed in the respective box. That is the only way we can make our product placement look professional. Imagine showcasing candies in the glass display. How ridiculous it would appear. But when we use the best box, we never fail at attracting our targeted audience. 

Always visit the website of the brand you are planning to buy the product from. Compare the product and prices. And if necessary, contact them for assistance. Now get yourselves the wholesale display boxes and bring a positive change to your sales and marketing.