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March 28, 2023

Top 8 Tourist Attractions and places in Nepal

  • January 13, 2022
  • 7 min read
Top 8 Tourist Attractions and places in Nepal

Nepal is a country of natural bio-diversity. This beautiful land is rich in infinite snowy mountains, trekking destinations, historical heritages, adventurous hiking areas for passionate nature lovers. Nepal lies on longitude and latitude of 28.3949° N, 84.1240° E between India and China, two substandard countries. 

Nepal is historically known as the birthplace of Light of Asia, Great Gautam Buddha, Birthplace of Goddess Sita, meditation point of God Shiva, and withness of millions of events according to Hindu and Buddhist mythologies. This fairyland is also home to endangered animals like Red pandas, Snow leopards, one-horned rhinoceros, yeti, and many others that are being extinct day by day. Ancient arts, sculptures, statues, and the bravery of Nepali Gurkhas will blow your mind. Four heritage of Nepal has been listed on World Heritage Sites as published by UNESCO.

In other words, Nepal is the roof of the World as the World’s highest peak Mt. Everest lies here. Nepal is also known to be home to the highest peaks. This wonderland is topographically challenging. Breathe taking mountains, remote roads, freezing temperature, rugged passes increases your thirst to the very following levels. Just imagine, waking up in the tent at the top of the greeny snowy mountain; gives you the answer for the ultimate goal of your life. The chirping noise of peacock will forget your pain.

Nepal is the ultimate destination for exploring the purity of nature. If you are a wanderer or enthusiast, this is a lifetime remembering trip for you. Here are the top places that your soul won’t want to leave:-

Top Tourist Attractions in Nepal

Everest Base Camp Trek:

Reaching the World’s highest peak base camp is not everyone’s cup of tea. The scenery that you observe here will be your most significant achievement ever. From this trek, you will know the real purpose of your life. In this trek, you will reach the maximum elevation of 5645 meters. 

Wait, wait, wait, before you buy the package for this trek in the excitement of adventure, here in this article, you will find some surface knowledge of the conditions. You will get the opportunity to summit peak Kala Patthar, which will provide you with the closest view of Mt. Everest. The best time for the breathtaking adventure will be April to early June and September to mid-December. The roads, hills, and massive altitude will make you afraid. 

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang valley is known as the Valley of Glaciers` as there are many glacier rivers on the way of trekking. We will climb snow-capped Tserko Ri for the stunning landscapes in this trek. You will get a chance to explore Tibetan Buddhist culture and take blessings from Langtang Gumba and Kyanjing Gomba. 

An earthquake in 2015 destroyed this village. It took more than 4 Years to normalize the town. Excellent hospitality, home-like foods, and accommodation will impress you a lot. This trek is moderate in toughness as the altitude is 3800 meters and lies on the border of Tibet and Nepal. 

You may get the chance to see the folk dance of the Newari, Gurung, and Tamang communities. Snowy hills decorated by Rhododendron forest and exciting birds, flora, and fauna will make you jealous. It is a short distance from Kathmandu valley.

Annapurna Base Camp trek:-

Annapurna is a relatively easy and shorter trek than other treks in terms of challenge. In this train, you will discover diverse terrain, culture, and wildlife. A spectacular close view of Annapurna Range, including Machhapuchhre, Hiuchuli, and Dhaulagiri, will be remembered for a lifetime. 

A stunning view of the Red Rhododendron forest in the spring season will make your trek more adventurous. Exploring cascading waterfalls, ethnicity of various people on Ghandruk Museum, natural hot springs to take a warm bath, exotic flora and fauna, World’s deepest gorge excites your hiking. This trek was going to be two in one trek as you got to visit Machhapurchhre Base camp on the way. 

The best time for hiking is in the spring season. We don’t recommend you hike in the Monsoon season as there is a high chance of rainfall. Especially spring (March to May), Summer (June to August), Autumn (September to November), Winter (December to February) are the suitable seasons for exploring these beauties. However, Autumn is the best season for the hike, but the only problem is that in these seasons, the traffic of tourists will be high, and there will be difficult to book hotels and lodges.

Island Peak Climbing

Island peak is also known as the training peak for Mt Everest. This peak has got all the necessary geographical structure that will be sufficient to train before climbing the World’s highest peak. It has a total altitude of 6000 meters from sea level. 

This peak was also the training peak of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenjin Norge Sherpa, who successfully summited Mt Everest in 1953 A.D. Following the footmark of the first climber in history will feel you proud. The trek consists of 16 days where the summit will cross a Crevassed Glacier using a climbing rope. The base camp is at the height of 5100 meters. This peak is very tough to climb.

Top Tourist Places in Nepal


Pokhara is also known as the Capital of tourism here in Nepal. Traveling here is a dream come true for any visitor in Nepal. The cold temperature will invite you to rejoice with nature. Phewa lake here is famous for Boating and a temple. 

There are excellent hotels, lodges, dance bars, cinema halls. When you come here, you feel like Singapore and Hongkong. Almost 95% of people you see here are a tourist. Paragliding, Rafting, bungee jumping, Boating are the most engaging adventure in this city. At the altitude of 900 meters, inside large surrounding mountains, the weather will be superb for the visitors. If you are here in Nepal, go and check out this place.

I guarantee you are going to love the site. The Devi’s fall, Mahendra Cave, Gupteshwor Cave, Chamero Cave, International Mountain Museum, and different historical temples and Gumbas will make your adventure more exciting.


Muktinath is made up of two Hindu terms, “Mukti” and “Nath,” where Mukti refers to “Salvation or Nirvana,” and Nath states “God or Master.” Muktinath is essential among spiritual people in the south Asian sub-continent. 

Muktinath is a temple in Hindu mythology that lies in Mustang. There is a saying that reaching Muktinath and taking a bath on the 108 taps will clean all your sins. According to Hinduism, Lord Vishnu got salvation from Brinda’s curse, which was the wife of Jalandhar, whom Lord Vishnu killed. Due to this reason, devotees worship Vishnu as Muktinath. Muktinath temple has a pagoda style and is one of 108 Vaishnava shrines. Muktinath means Lord of Liberation.


Chitwan is a tourist area with the World’s rarest One-horned Rhino, extinction birds, and other different wild animals, including more than 700 species. The most popular Elephant Safari over the Chitwan National Park will take your riding experience to the next level. 

Besides wild lives and parks, Chitwan is also famous for its unique Tharu cultures and traditions. The fish catching techniques, handicrafts, sculptures will change your thought about the Tharu community. Major attractions are:- Elephant bathing, Tharu cultural museum, Sauraha Art Gallery, and other traditional practices.


Kathmandu is the Capital of Nepal, also known as the City of Temple. More than 1000 temples are there in Kathmandu. The ancient kingdom of Nepal, Durbar square area, Swayambu Nath, Pashupati Nath, Chandragiri Hills, Kopan Monastery, Thamel, Boudhanath Stupa, Dakshinkali Temple, Budanilkantha, and different other historical palaces.

The city is named the city of Newar, which includes an enormous treasure house of art and Sculptures. On’ World Heritage Sites, two historical and ancient monuments are considered. This city is the gateway for tourists in Nepal as the only international airport (Tribhuwan International Airport) lies here. Mountains surround this city and hence have fantastic views.

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