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March 28, 2023

Top 6 Most beautiful places to visit in maldives

  • January 5, 2022
  • 5 min read
Top 6 Most beautiful places to visit in maldives

The exotic Maldives, hidden away from the stresses of city life, offers a flourishing culture, thrilling watersports, and destinations to delight every type of tourist. There are hundreds of unique activities to do in the Maldives, ranging from learning Maldivian culture to diving deep into the underwater life wonders. Maldives is worth it all because of its unrivalled beaches, unrivalled luxury, and a vibrant underwater environment. Endowed with extraordinary natural beauty and brilliance.

With 1200 islands and 26 atolls, this island country entices visitors from all over the world with its distinctive islands, mesmerising blue oceans, gleaming sand beaches, stunning reefs, and a wide range of water activities. Because the Maldives is an island country dominated by water activities, tourism is highly dependent on dry weather conditions, therefore December to April is the optimum period to visit. This postcard-perfect mix of blue, white, and green is a veritable heaven on Earth, dotted with opulent water villas and infinite palm trees swinging rhythmically. Check out the top spots to go on vacation in the Maldives:

  1. Male Island

Male is notable for its historic mosque and colourful structures. It is one of the world’s smallest national capitals. The island has turned into one of the most visited sites in the Maldives as a result of its beauty and progressiveness. It’s a laid-back town that’s best explored without a set itinerary. Male is a must-see destination, with ancient buildings on one side and trees and rivers with pleasant hues on the other. This teeny-tiny Maldivian capital is the nation’s mercantile heart, with enough to offer visitors. Male offers the most authentic Maldivian experiences away from the infinity pool and sumptuous buffet of a resort. It is the driving soul of the archipelago, surrounded bravely by blue oceans. You’ll enjoy every moment spent in the Maldives, from meandering through streets crowded with stores and bustling marketplaces to learning about the country’s history.

  1. COMO Cocoa Island

The Maldives is known for its beautiful islands and sandy beaches, but among them, the COMO Cocoa Island stands out as one of the most sought-after in the country. It’s a little piece of tropical heaven for rest and relaxation. With roughly 33 resorts and water villas, the island is home to a considerable number of visitors. Each of these villas offers five-star accommodations and the greatest hospitality services on the nearby islands. The white powdery beaches, which are softer than your skin, are a dream come true, as is the brilliant blue ocean that proudly surrounds the area.

  1. Emboodhu Finolhu Island

The Emboodhu Island’s layout of water homes is a great draw in and of itself. The water homes are organised in the shape of a flower, adding a gem to the crown of this island. The view from a seaplane is as lovely as the time here. The five-star lodging and hospitality services that tourists experience here are amazing and have always garnered great comments, with roughly fifty-five water villas and the luxurious Taj Exotica Resort. The refreshing spa retreat is ideal for individuals wishing to unwind. You should participate in snorkelling, scuba diving, coral reef explorations, and spa treatments.

  1. Baros Island

Baros Island, which is one of the top-rated islands in the Maldives, is an excellent spot to avoid the crowds. The luxury boutique resort, as well as the sun-kissed beaches, are well-known for their natural beauty. The Baros Island, which has a variety of water villas, is highly sought after for its services and the seclusion that visitors experience throughout their stay. With a few restaurants and bars within walking distance of the villas, it’s a perfect holiday spot for honeymooners and groups of friends. The cyan blue water, which is a feast for the eyes and the soul, is to die for. You should participate in snorkelling, scuba diving, coral reef exploration, and spa relaxing throughout your Maldives tours.

  1. Seagull Cafe, Male

Among the many eateries on the island of Maldives, the Seagull Cafe is a hidden gem. It is located in Male’s Fareedhee Magu and has a strong reputation among its consumers. One of the restaurant’s two eating places is the downstairs terrace garden, which is a courtyard with a sandy surface and trees that provide shade for customers. The other dining area is on the top level, which is illuminated by a large tree that grows between the area and provides stunning views of the street below and the neighbouring Grand Friday Mosque. The restaurant has a varied menu including Italian, Western, Maldivian, and Indian delicacies. Orange and herb glazed roast turkey breast with Normandy cream and snapper steak with mango salsa and parsley rice are two meals to look out for.

  1. Tsunami Monument

The Tsunami Monument, located in Boduthakurufaanu Magu in southeast Male, is a tribute to the victims of the terrible 2004 tsunami. Also serves as a tribute to the victims of the horrific 2004 tsunami, which killed 74 Maldivians, and it serves as a light of hope in the aftermath of sorrow. As a result, it offers an ideal calm setting in which to dwell on the events of that terrible day. The surrounding beach is also a popular surfing destination. If you want to learn about particular historical facts, you should pay a visit to the site. The 20 steel spheres that surround the monuments represent the country’s atolls, while the rising pillars represent tsunami waves. This is one among the must-see tourist destinations in the Maldives.