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Top 5 Video Downloaders

  • August 24, 2021
  • 3 min read
Top 5 Video Downloaders

YouTube allows many videos on its platform to save for offline viewing. If you buy YouTube premium or install the YouTube Go app, you would be able to save all videos from YouTube for offline viewing in the app. Yet sometimes we need to download any YouTube video on our devices storages for various reasons. There are many third-party soft-wares and websites developed for the very same requirements. Since it’s illegal to download and reuse videos from YouTube due to YouTube’s terms and policies, you would not find these apps on your official mobile stores.

Below are given 5 of those platforms and steps on how to use them:

  • Vidmate:VidMate is one of the fastest video downloaders available. Through VidMate, you can download your videos in any quality in very few steps. This app also provides features such as Music/Video player, offline sharing, etc. VidMate also supports downloading from other sites such as Instagram, Vimeo, etc. Other features on this app include a built-in Video Player and Music player. To Install vidmate app, you simply need to go to its official website, and you’ll get the option to download the apk on the first page itself.
  • Snaptube:Snaptube is another application that is secure as well as handy to download videos from various platforms. Snaptube has many additional features such as cleaning up residual files from your phone, battery saver, dedicated app manager, etc. Similar to VidMate, you can also install the Snaptube app from its official website easily. It is also a user-friendly app since you can download videos through it by just copying the URL, and a notification will appear on your phone from where you can download it.
  • SaveFrom.Net: SavefFrom.Net is a useful offline downloading platform. You need not download any apk as everything will be available on the website. To download a video using SaveFrom.Net, copy the required URL in your clipboard and paste it on the “Enter The URL” box provided on the website. Many resolutions will then be available to you. You can download any resolution by just clicking on it.
  • PullTube:PullTube allows not only allows you to download YouTube videos through a simple copy-paste of URL, but also allows you to trim, customizable format, extraction of audio, and supports subtitles in offline viewing. The only downsides of this application are that it is only available for Mac OS at this time and you might also struggle with understanding its UI.
  • Telegram: Yes, the telegram app can also be used to download videos. There are many bots available on the app that facilitate video downloading. Some of these include; the AudioTubeBot for downloading from YouTube, Vimeo, etc. The utubebot can download YouTube videos in every possible resolution. There’s also the Trimmer Bot that might be useful for trimming your videos.

The above were some of the best platforms that can be used to download videos from every social media site possible. My recommendation would be to install vidmate since it is the most reliable one from the lot.