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November 30, 2023

Title IX: FAQs

  • September 16, 2022
  • 2 min read
Title IX: FAQs

If you are facing some of the problems that fall under Title IX, then it is perhaps very unfortunate. Title IX is a law passed by the government in 1972 that deals with any kind of sexual discrimination, like sexual harassment, sexual assault, molestation, etc., that happens in an educational institution. There might be a lot of questions about Title IX that you might be having and this blog aims to answer a few very basic questions that arise at the mention of Title IX.

What is meant by gender-based harassment in an educational institution?

Gender-based harassment means any unwelcomed behavior that a student might face on basis of their actual or perceived gender. It includes any kind of comments passed, slurs, stereoty[ical behavior, or name-calling. Also, any kind of misbehavior might include sexual misconduct.

What is the meaning o sexual harassment?

Any kind of request, touch, or comment that has unwelcome sexual approaches.

Who has adhered to Title IX?

Any institution that is receiving federal funds is bound to follow Title IX law. The colleges, universities, and schools that provide education to the people fall under the services and programs of Title IX. It is not only applicable to the students but also to all the entities that are connected to the institutions like staff, employees, teachers, etc.

Who is granted protection under Title IX?

Any individual who gets attached to the entities that are funded by Federal Services can avail of the benefits of Title IX. the parents, guardians, employees, students, and any other individual are included in this.

Where shall a person report if they are facing sexual misconduct?

An affiliated Title IX institution will have a Title IX coordinator. If you are being sexually harassed, you may find out who the coordinator is and register your complaint to them. They will further fact-check the whole matter and take the accused into account.

Will my reporting harassment create any problems in my career?

If you are facing any sexual harassment and plan on registering a complaint against them, your career will not be hampered. But to make a complaint and get the justice you will have to prove the fault of the accused. Some people make false accusations. Anyone caught doing so may o may not have repercussions for their academic career. However, if you are in such a situation please let the coordinator know.