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November 30, 2023

Tips for Selecting a Wireless Commercial Intercom System

  • March 24, 2022
  • 4 min read
Tips for Selecting a Wireless Commercial Intercom System

The search for an appropriate intercom system varies from location to location. The needs of your home differ significantly from that of your business, which is why the search can be tasking and overwhelming for some. When choosing an intercom, you need to ensure that it’s equipped with features that fulfill the needs of your selected space. This might mean choosing a wired system over a wireless one or picking one type of intercom over another. Our article throws more light on the different intercoms and how to pick the best one for your home, office, and any other space needing an intercom system.

Consider remote access.

Access to intercoms is an essential factor to consider. Thanks to technological advancement, many modern intercoms feature remote access from a device that works with the help of an internet connection. Having remote access control means that you can access your intercom system with ease no matter where you are on the globe. In addition, many intercoms with remote access offer you the freedom and flexibility of a wireless commercial intercom system, which is necessary for security reasons.

Look out for video technology.

Investing in an intercom system with in-built video technology is necessary in today’s world. It’s possible to alter and finetune one’s voice to make it past an intercom system. Still, with video technology as an added feature, you can see whoever accompanies the voice before granting them access to your space. A video intercom system is excellent, especially for residential and gated communities. The feature acts as a security feature to help you monitor those who enter your space. In any serious incident, it’s straightforward to go back to video footage to search for clues.

Think about internet connectivity.

Internet connectivity has become a mandatory feature for all modern intercom systems. It’s easy to communicate with your intercom when at home or in the office with the internet. Other features such as video and remote access are made possible with the internet, making it critical to consider when choosing a commercial wireless system. With the internet, your wireless intercom system can be paired with your virtual assistant, whether Alexa from Amazon or Google’s Voice Assistant.

Think about smart access control.

Gone are the days when we ran to purchase old, heavy intercom systems that took up so much space in our homes and offices. Thanks to technology, we have lighter, smaller, and more effective systems that we can utilize with help from our smartphones. You only need a single commercial intercom for your large office or apartment building with smart access control. You can connect this single system to the smartphone of every resident. This means your staff can see vendors who enter, while residents can also decide which guests to let in. Smart access control is a great way to spend less money on equipment but not miss out on its benefits.

Don’t forget noise cancellation.

Any wireless intercom system you choose must be able to communicate with you or your devices even over excessive noise. The best way to ensure this is by going in for units that offer noise cancellation features. These models are great for areas that experience lots of noise, like factories. With the noise cancellation feature, you don’t have to yell over background noise, which helps alleviate all headaches you might have had.

We recommend going for more modern commercial intercom models, no matter the space it’s intended for. These units are more accessible, but they also cost less in the long run, and they’re great for promoting security in your building. After choosing, employ the services of skilled professionals to help with installation service.