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November 28, 2023

Things to keep in mind before buying beard oil

  • September 7, 2022
  • 4 min read
Things to keep in mind before buying beard oil


A well-groomed beard can make you look stylish, bold and masculine. However, that doesn’t mean it will always be perfect. Beard oil is a grooming product that can help keep your beard looking healthy and stylish. If you’re thinking about buying some for yourself or as a gift for someone else’s bearded husband or boyfriend, here are some things to keep in mind:

Consider your beard type.

There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing the best beard oil. The first thing you should think about is your beard type. Beards can be short or long, thick or thin and curly or straight. If you have a beard that has some length but is still pretty short (like mine), you’ll want to find an oil lightweight enough for daily use and won’t weigh down your follicles too much. 

Pay attention to your skin condition.

If your skin is sensitive, look for a beard oil made from natural ingredients. If your skin is dry, look for the best beard oil with hydrating properties. For oily skin, look for a beard oil to help balance the skin and prevent breakouts.

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How often do you plan on using it?

Beard oil is a great way to keep your beard healthy and looking its best, but it’s not something you should use every day. Depending on how often you plan on using it, that will determine which size of bottle you should get. If you know you will use it daily (or at least most days), get a bigger bottle, so there’s enough product for all those applications. If, however, it doesn’t make sense for your lifestyle to apply beard oil every day or more than once per week (e.g., if you’re only applying after showering once per week), then buy the smallest amount possible because it will last longer before needing replenishment.

If between those two extremes—i.e., if not daily but also not weekly—then consider something like this middle ground: medium-sized bottles usually cost around $30 and can last up to three months with regular use by one person; if two people are sharing the same supply then they might last six months or more! This also makes them great investments since they’re priced nicely compared to other brands’ offerings, which may run closer to $50 per month per person because much smaller bottles yield less quantity over time.

Look at the ingredients.

Before buying beard oil, you should look at the ingredients. Beard oil high in linoleic acid (an Omega-6 fatty acid) is best for hair growth and thickness. The best beard oils high in oleic acid (an Omega-9 fatty acid) is good for softening skin and preventing dryness. And beard oils high in linolenic acid can help promote hair growth by nourishing the follicles beneath your beard.

Do you have a preferred scent?

The oil scent will be very personal to you and will most likely depend on your lifestyle. If you are an outdoorsman and enjoy being in nature, then maybe a more natural-smelling beard oil would be better suited.

If you work in an office environment with a dress code, then maybe a more sophisticated or subtle scent would be better suited for those settings.


The best beard oil is a grooming product that can help keep your beard looking healthy and stylish, but there are lots to consider before buying some. Consider your beard type, pay attention to your skin condition, and how often you plan on using it. Look at the ingredients, and do you have a preferred scent? With these tips in mind, it’s easy to find one that works for you!