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March 25, 2023

The Top 5 Benefits of Social Listening for Your Business

  • January 5, 2022
  • 4 min read
The Top 5 Benefits of Social Listening for Your Business

Do you know what your customers are saying about you online? If not, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with them and learn what they want from your business. Social listening is the process of tracking online conversations about your brand, products, or competitors. You can gain valuable insights into what customers are thinking and talking about your business by doing this. This article will discuss the top 5 benefits of social listening for businesses.

1. Listening to Your Customers Gives You an Advantage

It’s no secret that customers shop around and spend more time researching products before making a purchase. According to a recent study by Nielsen Research, about 71% of consumers read online reviews, and 55% consult social media channels before choosing a business over another. That means if your competitors are getting positive reviews online, you could be losing potential customers. By listening to what your customers are saying about you, you can gain an edge over your competitors.

2. Respond to Negative Reviews in an Appropriate Manner

Although negative reviews may make your blood boil, they can actually work in your favour if you respond appropriately and learn from the feedback. Social media has made the customer service process more transparent than ever before, which means bad news spreads fast. According to the same Nielsen study cited above, 80% of customers believe businesses should respond to their complaints on social media within an hour. Responding lets others know you are listening and will help build trust between your business and its customers.

3. Social Listening Gives You Feedback about Your Business

Social listening isn’t just about reacting to what customers are saying about you. It’s also a valuable tool for gaining insight into how your business is doing and where it can improve. By using social media monitoring tools, you can learn about when your brand gets mentioned, the number of mentions, and their sentiment towards you. You can also use this information to develop innovative ways to improve your business and gain a competitive advantage over others. For example, if you find that your customers are unhappy with product availability, maybe you can develop a new business model where they pay for shipping to make up for the items, not in stock.

4. Tracking Competitors’ Activities

By tracking what your competitors are doing on social media, you can better understand how to take them down. For example, if one of your competitors is getting a lot of positive mentions on Facebook but is absent from Twitter, you may be able to beat them in the social media battle simply by filling in their space. You can also use this information to find out what kind of marketing is working for them so you can try it with your business.

5. Social Listening Helps Improve Search Rankings

Did you know that social media mentions are now being counted in Google’s ranking algorithm? So, if your business is regularly mentioned on sites like Twitter and Facebook, they are likely to appear higher up in search rankings. It also gives you an opportunity to generate more traffic by sharing relevant updates on social media. If you’re regularly monitoring keywords related to your brand, the links will drive people back to your site and improve your search rankings even more.

NetbaseQuid is a social media listening platform that allows businesses to track and analyze online conversations happening around their brands. Not only can you see what people are saying, but you can also measure the sentiment of those conversations. This is incredibly valuable information for businesses who want to understand what customers are saying about them and how they are feeling about the brand. In addition, NetbaseQuid offers a suite of tools that allow you to respond to comments and engage with customers in real-time. If you’re looking for a powerful social listening platform, then NetbaseQuid is definitely worth checking out!

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