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The Pros And Cons Of A Turkey Visa For Canadian Citizens

  • April 16, 2023
  • 5 min read
The Pros And Cons Of A Turkey Visa For Canadian Citizens

The pros of a Turkey visa for Canadian citizens are that it allows them to travel legally to Turkey and gain access to the country’s attractions, such as its historical sites, beautiful landscapes, and delicious cuisine. Canadians can also benefit from lower prices in some areas due to their status as foreign visitors. Additionally, they can use their visa to stay up-to-date on Turkish news and events while in the country.

The cons of a Turkish visa for Canadian citizens include additional paperwork required when applying for the visa which may be time consuming or expensive depending on the type chosen. Furthermore, there is always a risk associated with travelling abroad; this includes increased risk of illness or injury due to unfamiliarity with local customs and laws. Finally, there may be restrictions placed upon Canadians regarding their length of stay or activities they are permitted to partake in while visiting Turkey.

Canadian citizens looking to travel or visit family in Turkey may find the process of obtaining a visa complicated, but this is often outweighed by the benefits. The pros of having a Turkish visa include being able to stay in the country for up to 90 days without needing to apply for another form of residency, access to many Turkish cultural attractions and experiences that are off-limits without a valid visa, and increased safety while travelling due to stricter border controls. However, there are also some drawbacks such as extended wait times when applying for visas at embassies and consulates as well as costly fees associated with processing applications.

Do Canadian Citizens Need Turkish Visa?

Canadian citizens do not need a Turkish visa for visits of up to 90 days. However, Canadian citizens may be required to obtain a visa if they plan on staying in Turkey beyond the 90-day period or if they will be engaging in certain activities such as work or study: • Citizens should check with their local Turkish Embassy for exact requirements.

• A valid Canadian passport is needed for entry into Turkey. • An Electronic Visa Application System (EVisa) can also be used by Canadians when entering Turkey.

What are the Pros of Turkey Visa?

The Turkey visa offers many advantages. These include: * Easy application process and quick turnaround time.

* Access to multiple cities in the country with a single visa. * Low cost compared to other visas, making it an affordable choice for travelers on a budget. * Ability to stay in the country for up to 90 days without applying for an extension.

* No need to have any prior travel experience or documentation requirements when applying for the visa.

How Much Does It Cost for a Canadian to Get an Evisa to Turkey?

The cost of an eVisa for a Turkey Visa for Australian Citizens is $60 USD. This fee must be paid online via the official government website prior to travel. The following points can guide you through the process:

– Go to the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. – Select “eVisa” from the menu bar and read all instructions carefully before proceeding with your application. – Complete the application form, pay the fee and upload required documents such as a copy of your passport or other identity document; then submit it electronically.

– You will receive confirmation by email within three business days after submitting your application.

How Long Does It Take for a Canadian to Get Visa for Turkey?

It usually takes about ten days for a Canadian citizen to receive a visa for Turkey. The process involves submitting the application and supporting documents online, followed by an appointment at the Turkish embassy or consulate in Canada. Below are some important steps to take when applying for a Turkish visa:

• Complete the online form with information such as passport details, travel dates and purpose of visit. • Submit all required documents including proof of residence, valid passport, and two recent photographs. • Attend an interview at the embassy or consulate to review your application and answer any questions they may have.

• Pay applicable fees either in person or via bank transfer before being issued the visa.

Living in Turkey: Pros And Cons

Living in Turkey offers some advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, it’s a culturally diverse country with beautiful scenery and plenty of opportunities to explore history. The cost of living is also relatively low compared to other countries in Europe, making it an attractive option for expats on a budget.

On the downside, language barriers can be challenging for English-only speakers as Turkish is the official language. Additionally, certain aspects of life—such as access to healthcare or reliable internet connectivity—can be unreliable in more rural areas outside major cities like Istanbul and Ankara.


In conclusion, the Turkey Visa for Canadian Citizens is an attractive option for Canadian citizens who want to travel to Turkey. The visa process is relatively simple and straightforward, and it offers a number of advantages including convenience, cost savings, increased security measures and more. However, there are some drawbacks associated with the visa as well such as potential delays in processing time or possible difficulty obtaining additional visas once inside the country.

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual traveler to weigh their options carefully before making a decision about whether or not they should apply for a Turkish Visa.