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November 28, 2023

The Only Way – Canceling Timeshare Contracts Legally

  • February 4, 2022
  • 5 min read
The Only Way – Canceling Timeshare Contracts Legally

Do you want to cancel your timeshare? Well, it can be the best decision. You are not the only one who wants to cancel your timeshare. However, canceling a timeshare contract is not that easy. You have to consider some factors during this process. 

As we noted above, many people face problems with their timeshare ownership. However, you can cancel it by following the right guideline. That’s why we will cover how to get rid of diamond resorts timeshare. Moreover, we will also share the top reasons to cancel this contract. Let’s find out. 

What is a Timeshare?

Before we get to the details, you have to know the basics of a timeshare contract. In simple words, a timeshare is a part of real estate that has usage rights. An owner can share the right to property with other co-owners. That means you can buy or sell the contract as per requirement. 

How Does Timeshare Work?

Well, the concept of a timeshare is very simple. You see, an owner can buy a part of the property for a fixed period. However, the legal procedure can be different. On the other hand, you have to consider three ways including right-to-use contracts, timeshare companies, and deeded ownership. If you want to cancel it, you have to go through a proper process.

Top Reasons to Cancel Timeshare

Now, you know what a timeshare contract is and how it works. However, most people cancel this contract because of several reasons. If you are confused, you need to know the top reasons to cancel the timeshare. 

  • Maintenance Fee

The maintenance fee is one of the top reasons to cancel the ownership contract. Well, the annual maintenance fee can be either an advantage or a disadvantage. However, most people find it hard when it comes to the maintenance fee. On the other hand, there are some additional costs you have to pay as well. 

  • Ownership Issues

Besides the maintenance fee, there are some ownership issues as well. In simple words, you have to pay for accessing a part of the property. However, that does not mean you can own a portion of the property. Well, the good thing is you can sell your ownership on the resale market. 

  • Property Taxes

It’s not unknown that you have to pay property taxes while owning a timeshare. On the other hand, you have to pay extra in some cases. Hence, most people cancel their ownership because of this reason. If you are not aware, you have to pay a lot while owning the timeshare. 

How to Cancel a Timeshare Contract

If you are ready to cancel your ownership contract, you have to follow a process. In the following, we will share how to cancel your timeshare. Let’s find out:

1. The Grace Period

Most timeshare contracts come with a grace period. During this time, you can cancel your agreement. So, make sure you check the dates before purchasing. Well, canceling the contract during the grace period is the easiest way. The company won’t charge you anything. 

2. When You Are Outside of The Grace Period

You can also cancel the contract when you are outside of the grace period. Many companies provide this option. However, it can be tricky as well. You have to face difficulties to cancel the ownership contract during this time. Make sure you are being careful while canceling. 

3. Selling Timeshare

One of the best options to get rid of your timeshare contract is selling it. Moreover, it’s better to sell the ownership than pay a huge amount of maintenance cost and tax. There are some good websites that provide reselling. So, ake sure you choose a reliable one. 

4. Get a Lawyer

Getting a lawyer is the most essential part when you want to sell your timeshare contract. Most companies can be tricky when you purchase the ownership. In this case, a good attorney can help you out when you resell the right to access the property. 

Timeshare Exit Companies

Finally, you know how to cancel your ownership contract. The good thing is, there are so many timeshare exit companies available right now. Most companies have their official website. So, you can choose one as per requirement. 

Make sure you read all the rules and regulations before starting the process. On the other hand, you can also check their social media accounts. 


Canceling your timeshare ownership is a good decision. However, you have to be careful during this process. We have shared how to cancel the ownership contract in this article. Make sure you choose a good timeshare exit company for this process. 

On the other hand, choosing a good lawyer is also essential. For more information, you have to start your research on the internet.