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The New All-Time Best Jumpshot on NBA 2K22

  • January 5, 2022
  • 3 min read
The New All-Time Best Jumpshot on NBA 2K22

Since the release of NBA 2K22 Season 2, a large number of players have reported that their jump shot timing has changed. This guide will instruct you on how to execute the finest, most consistent, and 100 percent greenlight jump shot there has ever been in NBA 2K22. We also show you the greatest badges, the best controller settings, and the finest shooting techniques when it comes to this game’s shooting mechanic. If you are ready to win every single game in NBA 2K22 22 and you want to get the players you always dream about, head over to Aoeah to buy cheap NBA 2K22 MT coins.

Introducing the fastest 100% greenlight jumpshot in NBA 2K22

In the recent release of NBA 2K22 Season 2, there has been a lot of dissatisfaction among the gaming community. There have been numerous reports of people claiming that their jump shot has become patched, that their jump shot has become slower, or that their jump shot has simply become off. There have also been a lot of complaints from people in the community about how their jump shot is feeling right now; we’re not sure if 2K applied a secret little patch to certain jump shots or changed the timing of them or anything like that; whether you’re playing current-gen or next generation, there’s been a lot of confusion. After Season 2, the fastest green light jump shot on NBA 2K22, as well as the best shooting badge and the finest controller setting, are what we’re coming to show you today. So let’s go right into this new fastest jumpshot with the highest green window that has been discovered! 

After Season 2, the NBA 2K22 game has the fastest green light jumpshot.

Lower/base: Mr. Rudy Gay takes the third jump shot from the upper release.

Release 103 is the second-highest-ranking release.

Faster than normal release: Fifty percent for quick animation blending (release 1)

Animation blending (second release): fifty percent

Make use of the base 3 release, 1 Rudy Gay, and release to a maximum of 103. Because of the speed and consistency of this jump shot, the entire field appears green. 3 4 speed is sufficient for this jump shot if you want to go faster. If you want to go quicker, use 3 4 speed instead. It is really quick, in fact, it is the fastest jump shot in the game in terms of speed. With the base three being so much faster than the other three, it appeared that they were significantly more efficient. As a result, this jumpshot is extremely fast and consistent while also being extremely green, with one of the highest green windows in the entire game.

NBA 2K22 After Season 2: Shooting Badges for the Quickest Green Light Jumpshot

When it comes to shooting in NBA 2K22, badges in general are the most crucial item to have. Once we have finished season 2, we will discuss what badges you should get for making the fastest 100% green light jumpshots without costing much 2K22 MT.

– Hof: Blinders | Chef | Hot Zone Hunter | Sniper | Stop & Pop | Mismatch Expert – Bronze: Green Machine | Chef | Hot Zone Hunter | Sniper | Stop & Pop | Mismatch Expert – Silver: Green Machine | Chef

Settings for the controller:

When the shot meter is on, there is vibration. When the shot meter is off, there is feedback.