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October 6, 2022

The Digital Retail World is Changing, Based on the Ombori Grid

  • September 2, 2021
  • 3 min read
The Digital Retail World is Changing, Based on the Ombori Grid

For Andreas Hassellof, the pandemic could have been a big problem. His Ombori Grid product was designed to provide a digital experience for customers, in the retailer’s physical space. But retailers weren’t interested in a digital experience when they were more concerned about how they were going to keep their businesses operational. Still, Hassellof didn’t give up. He and his team had worked very hard on the Ombori Grid, and there were already retailers who were using it.

Through partnerships with some big names in the tech industry, he was also able to get an audience with other retailers who listened to what he had to say. Now that most retail stores have reopened and returned to a semi-normal level of business, it’s easier for Hassellof and his team to sell retailers on the value his product offers. Customers want a quality experience, and they want things to be easy and convenient for them, as well. If things are too complicated, or they have to wait too long to buy something, they’ll likely just choose to go elsewhere. Instead of allowing that to happen, retailers can offer digital options, right in their stores. Then customers can see the products in person, but they don’t have to wait in lines to get what they need.

As Hassellof worked on the Ombori Grid, he realized how important it was to assemble a good team of people who could sell his product. Knowing what it offered so intimately, he was the one to sell its features. But burnout is a very real thing for an entrepreneur, and Hassellof was trying to do it all. Now that he has the right team in place, though, he’s better able to have a good balance between what needs to be done and how much of it he actually has to do. That’s made it easier to move the company forward.

Hassellof encourages anyone who’s trying to create something to be open to new opportunities. People who are willing to get out of their comfort zones are better able to move their ideas forward. Additionally, having the right people matters. Hassellof spent a long time trying to find those people, and now the Ombori Grid is working more smoothly and more retailers are showing interest. The product also works for healthcare settings, restaurants, offices, and other businesses, as well. With all the opportunities available, the biggest change has been in the face of retail.

Customers aren’t the same as they were in the past, and the digital world has given them the value and convenience that they’ve gotten used to. Because of that, the traditional experience of a brick-and-mortar location no longer works for many of them. Instead, they want something that lets them get what they need with ease and convenience, but that also gives them the chance to explore products in person, so they can choose what they really want. The Ombori Grid offers that experience, making it valuable for the future of customers and businesses alike.