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October 1, 2023

The Artist sketchmesome Advice on How to Overcome Anxiety and Stress to Achieve Success

  • January 11, 2022
  • 3 min read
The Artist sketchmesome Advice on How to Overcome Anxiety and Stress to Achieve Success

The rising artist sketchmesome says, “I am the one who keeps trying new things; exploring is fun for sure. In the beginning, as I was trying to make music, and slowly it turned into my passion, I believed that anything could be achieved with devotion alone. Unfortunately, with time I figured out that it is not as simple as it sounded, as I was moving forward in the long run and felt being more stressed and anxious”. 

And this is life, and it’s not easy! Success always comes with intelligent strategies, and day-night work hard to achieve it while staying motivated and committed matters. Young artist   had also gone through the same situation, but, unlike many, he didn’t give up; he kept going until he saw his dream come true and had overcome every obstacle, including stress and anxiety as well. 

In an interview with sketchmesome, he discussed managing his anxiety and stress and staying motivated. 

How did you manage stress? 

I developed some coping mechanisms. I used to take breaks to manage stress. For me, taking a breather always helped to maintain the performance all day. Second, I stopped comparing myself with others. Third, I relied on my shoulders only. These three mechanisms brought me inner peace and propelled me to achieve what I dreamed of. 

How did you manage to attain Success? 

Well, have you heard the saying, “Anything can be achieved only if you make your mind to it”? I found it true! There are people around who keep saying, “what if you are rejected?”, “what if you fail?”, and “What if you receive backlash?” If you plant doubts in your brain, how would you achieve success? You have to be satisfied. Another way to attain success is Researching to improve your craft, and the third most important thing is to eliminate all negativities out of your space. Get rid of everyone who aims to bring you down. 

Have you ever lost inspiration? 

I always had a belief that there must be something lacking in the music industry. While my love for music is unconditional, I’ve been making melodies and soundtracks since my childhood. Yes, on the way I also lost inspiration, this was the more significant challenge; I mean I used to lose motivation while making music because I put a lot of pressure on myself but then I had to ground myself thinking that what matters is my passion to my hard work and feel motivated again. Here is my previous press.

Do you think Music has changed your life? 

Yes, it did! Music showed me how good I could be with it and pretty much sing on any beat. It has given me a purpose in life and a path to move on. I also love to be a reason to inspire others with my story. 

If you have goals and aims to achieve, at some point, you feel as if you are stuck, there’s no way out, and you are finding it challenging to manage your stress and burnout, then you’re not alone; it is the phase and a slight indication that you are about to attain success.