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October 1, 2022

The 4 Features You Should Have In A Stock Screener

  • March 24, 2022
  • 4 min read
The 4 Features You Should Have In A Stock Screener

For those who are new to the investment game, or for the savvy veterans of shareholding – having a reliable and secure stock screener should be on the top of your toolkit priorities. Not only does this impressively intuitive tool allow incredible analysis and enhanced decision-making ability, but the humble stock screener serves as the focal point of any decent trading platform.

A stock screener is comprised of so much more than simple graphs and diagrams, it’s hotbed of technological ingenuity, building insights, figures, and features that turn the most mundane portfolio into a prospective paradise.

This article will be going over some of the intuitive features you should be looking for in a stock screener, including some of the unmentioned factors that should always go into your decision-making process when choosing a platform to utilise for your trades and portfolio holdings.

1)    Incredible User Interface

It should go without saying that the stock screener and subsequent platform you choose for your portfolio venture should have an easy-to-understand and maneuver interface. As they’re already quite straightforward, the real user experience will come into play with the ease of navigation, as well as the overall simplicity of setting up your preferences for the trading you’re looking to conduct.

The selection of particular criteria and filtering is also a big aspect to the user interface and overall experience. After all, you don’t want to be stuck with a platform that doesn’t allow you to easily find the companies or industries you’re searching for. More often than not, there will also be an interactive element with the graphs.

2)    Secure & Reliable Encryption

Encryption and security are two buzzwords that have been running around the minds of even the most experienced traders at the moment. A reliable and secure connection is essential for pundits, particularly when people are investing more than ever into the marketplace and in a more online setting. A stock screener that is able to verify and showcase their security credentials will always pop to the top of any given list.

The security certifications and authentications will also shed a little light on the way any given platform is running its business, which can only help in your decision-making process.

3)    Intuitive Insights & Automation Settings

Who doesn’t like having some industry knowledge in their back pocket? Particularly when it comes to stock screeners and trading platforms. Some of the heavyweights of the industry will attest that their biggest plays have often come off the back of knowing the industry they’re investing in and having invaluable insight into the impending news and affairs that will have an invariable impact on the prices and markets.

A decent stock screener will also employ a host of automation (even AI in some cases) settings to make the market your ally. For instance, we’ve seen a stock screener that employs automated buy and sell points that can be adjusted to your leisure so that you don’t have to frantically run for th nearest computer when the price dips or peaks at a certain level.

4)    Suited To Your Trading Style   

It should go without saying that the stock screener you choose should have a leaning towards your trading style. For instance, there are some out there that favour the more live-updated and quick responsive times of a day trader, while others will have a more nuanced and deeper analysis of the marketplace and be suited for buy & hold investors. The stock screener that suits your style will likely be attached to a suitable platform for your trading habits as well.