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The 2021 List Of Places To Propose In India!

  • August 19, 2021
  • 5 min read
The 2021 List Of Places To Propose In India!

When you are on the way to design the perfect proposal to get a YES, you ensure to have the right ideas, places, and every minute of detail. The location where you want to do the proposal plays an important role. Since the surroundings and vibes of that place make your moment memorable and romantic. Visual effects are the very first element that needs to be taken care of to make your proposal work. Opting for the perfect place for a wonderful marriage proposal in India. Physical appearance is also crucial, therefore, you should go to a massage spa near me. There are a lot of places in India with spots in the surrounding area. 

So, let’s have a look at the list of proposal places in 2021. 

1. Hot air balloon proposal in Lonavala

While enjoying the ride of a hot balloon, it is the right time to propose your love. These sets lead to a romantic expectations of the people above in the skies and flying mode. Love in the air seems very romantic during this period. In the beautiful hill station of Lonavala with beautiful views of mountains and greenery, express your feelings. In the right way with heartfelt words. Since you both are stuck in the romantic ride, the lady will say yes to you with feeling the love in the air. 


2. In the Himalayas

Nothing can be more precious than this view. The Himalayas with high mountains and running rivers can be the best place for your love to get proposed. If you both are adventurous and adrenaline junkies then choose this option. Adventure gets our heart beating fast and being there with someone who loves you thoroughly is a total delight. The aroma of snow-clad mountains and snowy crisp air of the Himalayas are far better than any other place. In the open arms of the Himalayas, open your arms and express your feelings with your love. 


3. In the beach of Goa

The party and cool vibe of Goa can be the perfect place to enjoy every moment with romance. The aura of Goa that has new sets of romantic appeal, the hippie vibes of the ambiance of Goa make you both live and lose in the moment. At sunset time, at the sand and ocean if the beach, bend down on your knees and express your love. The flow of air and the beauty of a sunset with the glow of running water makes the moment more romantic and pleasurable. This way your lady will insist on making you say yes and live happily thereafter. 


4. Kohima camp in Nagaland

If you are willing to purpose in the surf and sand scenario then what about nature’s greenery view? The Kohima Camp in Nagaland is the perfect check for you to purpose your lady. This area is filled up with luxury tents and a butler of services with a private moonlight dinner of your choice. Take advantage when the sky turns darker and ask for her hand to turn your love into the arm of matrimony. If you are someone who loves nature so much and feels it positive to make your decision of proposal here, then go ahead and make your reservation for the camp.


5. Taj lake palace in Udaipur

If you want to make your proposal royal and real then opt for this place. The lake situated in front of the palace makes the view royal and wonderful to propose your love from the heart. At the sunset of the day, get on a beautiful boat, with the flow of water and cool air make both of you feel the moment and fall in love with the situation. Take the advantage during the ride and get on your knees, express your feelings and get a Yes from your lady. This is an affordable and wonderful place to visit and express your love for her. 


6. During the Shikara ride in Dal Lake of Srinagar

‘Heaven in Kashmir’, this statement is the truth which people accept when they see this place. Nothing can be better than proposing your love in heaven on earth. Dal lake is the most beautiful place to go for the moment. Getting on a boat, with the indulge beauty of nature, a shikhara ride on a Dal lake is a wonderful experience for both of you to make the moment romantic and pleasurable. The whole background falls into the glory of romance and you can utilize this romantic place to open your heart and express the desired love. 

7. In front of the Taj Mahal

What can be more romantic than proposing in front of the Taj Mahal? The monument which is the symbol of love is the right place to express your love for her. The beauty of this monument makes the people mesmerized with its gorgeous view and purity. Tell the feelings that you are not able to afford a luxury place but are able to express the love which Shah Jahan had for Mumtaz. Just think how beautiful it would be!

Bottom line

So, these are some of the best places in India which are highly appreciated for expressing your love. Take advantage of the moment at these beautiful places and their vibes, then make your proposal with a full heart and open arms. Greenery, romantic monuments, nature views, beaches are the right place to make the proposal at a simple cost.

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