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November 28, 2023

 Stone Laminates: Everything You Need to Know

  • November 10, 2022
  • 4 min read
 Stone Laminates: Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning to refurbish your home? Or are you thinking of a new and offbeat look for your office but not sure how to start? That is why we are here. Let us help you with your décor plans and ideas and guide you from the beginning.

To create a unique yet offbeat look for your home or office, we suggest you go for laminate sheets. Laminates are powerfully redefining the meaning of both interior and exterior decorations. Laminates are the newest way to revamp your space. Laminates can be of many types based on finish, texture, colour and thickness. Stone finish laminateis the most offbeat and can give a completely rich outlook to your space. 

However, before selecting the stone finish, there are a few things you should know about. Let us get started.

Why Use Laminates

Laminates are the best option for the modern furbishing of your space. Laminate is a complete game changer in the field of decoration. Laminate manufacturers these days offer a huge collection regarding design, texture and finish and thickness. Here are the reasons why laminates have gained immense popularity.

Huge Collection

Most brands in India offer a huge range of laminates. Colour laminates,


One of the main reasons that people choose laminate is its longevity. They are built to tolerate wear and tear.

Natural Appearance

Laminates provide an outlook of natural richness and avoid the over-the-top glossy look that it usually has. 


Laminate sheets are a hard material; therefore, they never lack performance in the long run.

Easy maintenance

Laminates are easy to maintain when it comes to cleaning.  

Easy installation

Developers, as well as homeowners, always prefer laminates because they involve hassle-free installation.


Laminates are the perfect affordable alternative to traditional materials like marble or solid wood.

Types of Laminates

With advancements in technology, the process of making laminates has progressed too. Different kinds of laminate sheets are made in different conditions like pressure, thickness and temperature. Materials like kraft paper, decorative paper, and PVC are combined to make laminate sheets.

High-pressure laminates (HPL)

High-Pressure Laminates are made through a multi-step process. Numerous layers of kraft paper are combined with Melamine and Phenolic resins. After being burned at a high temperature and pressure, these layers are combined to create laminate sheets that are exceptionally durable and scratch- and impact-resistant.

Low-pressure laminates (LPL or melamine)

LPL sheets, in contrast to HPL, are created at high temperatures and low pressures. Low-pressure laminates are often made up of a single piece of melamine paper that has been adhered to a base material (commonly craft wood or particleboard). LPL sheets are ideally suited for vertical, low-impact applications because of their characteristics.

Compact laminates

Compact laminates, in contrast to the laminate kinds mentioned above, come in a variety of thicknesses and do not require adhesive to be applied to any other material. At the same time, they have robust, water-resistant qualities that make them appropriate for a variety of household and commercial uses, including indoor wall panelling and outdoor furniture.

Post-formed laminates

Post-formed laminates, in contrast to the majority of laminate varieties, are thinner and more flexible than common laminates like HPL, LPL, and compact laminates. They are frequently employed to wrap the edges of columns, tables, and counters.

What is so special about the stone finish

Now before you select stone finish laminated, you should plan as to what kind of appearance you want to give to your place. Stone finish laminates are remarkably different from standard laminates. If you want to create an outlook of matte elegance, then stone finish laminate might just be the thing you are looking for. Stone finish textures provide a muted and historical outlook and have the potential to make your space stand out. It can be cut and designed according to your requirements.

The best part of stone laminates is that it creates a naturalistic look and yet provide a classy and luxurious appearance to your place. However, it is pretty different from the typical laminates. But do plan the entire look of the place ahead and make sure to choose from the right colour and other decorations to make it work. It is because the use of texture affects how a place feels; therefore, its significance in design cannot be overstated. Learn more about the finishes we have to offer.


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