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December 8, 2022


  • December 13, 2021
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Most strands of hair are of the type that makes the oldest look like the youngest. And these are so amazing that they changed your look. Especially the strands of hair that are used in the United States, Pakistan, Europe, and the United States of America, because their models and actresses use the strands of hair to create their new look.

However, it does not mean that only the actress wears the hair strands; However, if you are not an actress or model, you can even use them. There are various hair bundles like extensions, crafts, wigs in different varieties and options. It will be your choice what type and design you would buy and for what purpose.

What materials are made with Hair Bundles?

In the Philippines, these strands of hair are handcrafted and colored. It is perfect for a wedding, prom, or any other special occasion, and can also be used as a hairstyle accessory. Meanwhile, these hair strands can be machine washed and blow-dried or tumble dried with ice water then air-dried. Braids, hair extensions, wigs, and other crafts are possible with this material.

Where should I use Hair Bunds?

Mainly the hair strands are used on occasions, parties, and fashion shows, but if you are natural, the hair is too short and you like long hair. You can wear the human hair headband wigs according to your own choice, straight, curly, curvy, or short.

You can maintain your hair by wearing hair extensions and wigs so that no one can compare your normal and fake hair. If you loved long hair and your hair is too short, you can even wear hair extensions at home and casual routines.

How long do strands of hair last?

Long-lasting bundles can last up to 3 months, while temporary hair can last six to eight weeks. The lifespan of the on-off method is primarily determined by how often they are used.A package should weigh between 95 and 100 grams on average. If you are looking for 100% virgin hair, this is very important.

What is the difference between Remy’s hair and Virgin hair?

Although all virgin hair, Remy and non-Remy is 100 percent human, they are not the same. Virgin hair is hair that has never been dyed or with chemical solvents and is 100 percent human. Remy’s hair is a one-way cuticle human ponytail that can be colored or treated.

What type of hair is the most attractive?

Fine hair was considered the most attractive in the straight form, while hair with a medium diameter was considered the most attractive in the wavy type. Finally, there was a lot of variety when it came to the effects of hair diameter, color and type, health, and hair beauty assessment.


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