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October 1, 2023

How to Stay Safe at a College Party

  • May 18, 2022
  • 5 min read
How to Stay Safe at a College Party

College is one of the places to grow and discover, at least that’s what they say. Self-discovery or not, one thing is for sure, campus life can be pretty lively. Partying is commonplace, and almost every student attends at some point.

But there’s another side to college that’s usually uncomfortable to talk about. Campus life comes with risks. 

You see, college students are expected to be old enough to make the right call in whatever they do. As such, security tends to be lax.

The other aspect is that some college parties are held in unusual locations and kept secret. These gatherings don’t have safety measures, which makes attending them riskier.

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Now, college parties are fun. But before you attend one, understand that your well-being is entirely in your hands. Learn the best practices for staying safe when attending a party. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Bring Someone Along

It seems like the obvious advice you’ll stumble upon, but having someone tag along could save you a ton of trouble. Almost all kinds of dangers you may come across are preventable if you have a friend watching over you.

Besides, rolling in groups is well-known as the safest move you can have because it discourages anyone with the intention to cause harm.

The best part is, there’s hardly a shortage of people you know well who are interested in attending a party.

However, if you can’t find anyone to be your plus one, make sure you let several people know your whereabouts.

  1. Don’t Take Mysterious Pills

All kinds of drugs tend to find their way into college parties, many of which are illegal and unsafe such as MDMA.

Granted, college parties are fun and can be the best place to unwind. But you don’t have to experiment with things you don’t understand, especially drugs.

You may notice mysterious pills being passed around, don’t take any. It’s best to be a buzzkill rather than swallow something blindly.

  1. Guard Your Drink

We’ve all heard the horror stories that begin with spiked drinks, so why should you put yourself in a position where someone can tamper with your drink?

It’s best to walk around with your drinks until you don’t need them anymore. Leaving behind drinks unattended to go dance and come back to it is the riskiest thing to do at a party where anyone comes and goes.

If you’re forced to leave your drink unattended, even for a few seconds, get a fresh one because a second is all it takes for someone to spike your drink.

Additionally, avoid tasking your friends with the job of watching your drink. You can never know just how drunk or distracted they are at that point.

  1. Don’t Go Overboard

It may be hilarious to recount how you drank yourself into a blackout. However, on the flip side are all the wrong things that could have happened to you in that state.

Think of the vulnerable position you put yourself in when you drink until you pass out. If somebody intends to harm you, nothing can stop them. It’s even worse for a woman because that’s one of the ways rape occurs at parties.

  1. Plan How You Get Home

It’s easier to reach a party than to leave it, not just because you’re mentally compromised. You could ride with friends, but your plans may not be the same once you get there. 

Figure out how you’ll get back home safely beforehand to avoid getting stranded, and if you’re driving, stay away from alcohol. It’d be best to be part of a group with a sober designated driver.

The other alternative is to get an Uber or Lyft, the safest and easiest option if you don’t have a ride home.

Word of caution: always check that you have the right car and driver. Remember, as convenient and safe as they are, rideshare services aren’t exactly foolproof.

Final Thoughts

College parties serve a purpose. Besides entertainment, these gatherings bring students together, foster relationships, and offer a much-needed break from studies. Still, it’s important to acknowledge the possible risks and do what you can to keep yourself safe amid the fun.

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