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December 9, 2022

Startup Videos – All you Need to Know

  • December 8, 2021
  • 6 min read
Startup Videos – All you Need to Know

If you are running a startup and ready to market your brand, then this blog is for you!

We have gathered all the information about the startup videos to resolve all of your queries.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right to it!

What is a Startup Video?

A short-animated video that delivers business vision and product goal to the audience in an easy and straightforward way is called a startup video. 

Startup videos demonstrate the business idea with understandable content, attractive visuals, and attentive audio that connects your audience with your objective. 

You can use startup video to explain your business goals and raise brand awareness in just 60-90seconds. The video aims to highlight a few important pieces of information about your brand, company, product, or service, like:

  • What does your company do?
  • What services does it offer?
  • How will it resolve the issues of your targeted audience?
  • What makes it different from the rest of the competitors?

Companies with complicated brand ideas prefer animation to convey the ideas in a compelling and fun way. 

Marketing a startup can be challenging for any businessperson, especially when you have a tight budget after all the establishing investments. 

But when you think of promoting your business, here you can use startup explainer videos to showcase:

  • The problem your audience is facing.
  • The solution you are suggesting.
  • The way your product work (a demo to operate).
  • The way your product is helpful.
  • The benefits your product offers. 

Features of Startup Videos

Startup videos have gained popularity amongst industries in the past few years. As a result, many businesses are using it as a marketing tool to enhance their marketing communications. 

So, learn how to make a perfect startup video for your brand with these key features:

  1. Short & Straight

The animated startup video must be short and should not exceed the time limit from 60-90 seconds. The video should be straightforward and revolve around your goal. 

  1. Simple

Startup videos are usually short and simple. 

It follows narrative structure to demonstrate “2 Ws” & “1 H” (the what at the start, the how in the middle, and the why at the end in the video script).

  1. Focused

The targeted audience must be the priority while making the startup video. The video should be focusing the related audience and their problems. 

P.S: while making the startup video keep a point in mind that the people will watch your video only if you talk about their issues and its solution. The focus on viewer’s issues will help you convert the audience into customers.

  1. Add Animation

Attractive, jumpy, and funny animations add life to the video, and if someone has a chance to be creative, then why not animated characters or mascots for your business video. Animation helps to reinforce the identity of the brands and build recognition.

  1. Colorful 

Colorful doesn’t mean adding colors oceans to the video. Instead, try to add colors that represent more of your company’s slogan and match your subject’s expression. 

P.S: Choose color scheme very carefully. You don’t want your I.T. product video to look like a candy advertisement. So be wise while choosing the colors.

7 Benefits of Startup Video for Your Business

You must have seen various videos on the internet, but the startup videos are entirely different from them. 

Startup video benefits your business with 7 benefits that other videos cannot provide. Check out the following benefits to understand what makes startup video different from others and favorable for your business:

  1. Pitch your business idea in a few seconds: startup videos let you explain your business ideas in a short duration of time. For example, you can easily explain what problem the audience is facing, how your product will contribute to solve the problem, and why viewers should pick your product over others—all these information in less than 90seconds. 
  2. Visuals and audio: startup explainer videos include creative visuals and engaging audio that enhance and communicate your business goal to your audience in an entertaining way. 
  3. Engage more audience: an animated video can drag the customers and land on your home page. The content and visuals of the video grab the audience’s attention and convert them to your regular customer.
  4. Gain online visibility: All the search engines appreciate videos with relevant content that makes the audience’s landing on the homepage. Google ranks the most visited website and most viewed videos on the top list of the category and helps to enhance your brand’s online visibility.
  5. Viewers to the customer: an attractive video with attentive visual and mind-grabbing content can help your business get the customer through viewers. You can add a call to action in your startup video in the end. The CTA will redirect your viewers to your landing page and save searching seconds of the viewers.
  6. Conversion through other platforms: if you post your startup video on different social media platforms, it will raise your sales to 60%. And help you increase your video shareability across the internet. 
  7. Device compatibility: these videos are compatible at every electronic device you use and do not cause buffering issues on the device. Due to the increased number of mobile and tablet users have eventually raised the demand for mobile-friendly videos, and startup videos are the right match for your phone. 

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