SoundCloud marketing tips for 2022    
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October 1, 2023

SoundCloud marketing tips for 2022

  • December 28, 2021
  • 3 min read
SoundCloud marketing tips for 2022

In addition to social media, you should also be present on platforms like Spotify or Soundcloud. These platforms are not only great for promoting and selling your music, but they also allow you to receive comments and see how your fans are reacting to your songs. Before choosing a platform, you need to think about which one fits your genre and where your fans might be. For example, if you do electronic or house music, Soundcloud is the most suitable platform. Also, take into account the functions and the price of the different platforms before you decide. SoundCloud likes are very important and always upload tracks on that platform. Buy SoundCloud likes, stay connected with the fans and have a very strong bond with them.

Document everything

Video marketing today is everything in promoting music. Everyone is obsessed with knowing more about you as an artist, and there is no better way to share this information with your fans than through videos on media platforms. social. It can be a mix of non-musical and musical content, just document every step of your journey with a video recording. You don’t need to hire your own cameraman or your own editing team. Just record with your cell phone and follow these tips and tricks for better shots.

If you don’t have any ideas, here you will find some music vlogging themes that will help you get started in promoting music:

  • Fun facts about you or how your brand was born
  • The real meaning behind your song lyrics
  • A clip for your song
  • Your favourite things or habits, or even what you had for breakfast.
  • Teach us how to play a song (tutorial)
  • Backstage recordings (in a recording studio or backstage)
  • A recording of your show
  • Versions of other songs and mashups

Work with other famous artists

Part of your music promotion strategy should be to collaborate with other artists who matter in your industry. Get in touch with music influencers like you and ask them if they want to collaborate on a song.

Even if it’s just a friend, you can cross-promote on a small scale by collaborating with a few artists, being on each other’s platforms and using communities of each one. Another option is to contact some music podcasts for an interview, get an article on a music blog, or perform on a music blog. The possibilities are limitless.

Go back to proven music marketing tactics.

Don’t forget about traditional music promotion techniques, which always work very well to promote a song or a group. For example, Ask if you can drop flyers or posters at a music store in your town or region. Email newsletters to your fans with upcoming tour dates and upcoming music releases.

Create and sell band merchandise like T-shirts – that’s free publicity if your fans wear them! Fans wear them! You can also add posters, stickers, cell phone cases, videos for music lessons and more. You can also sell physical CDs and signed vinyl, people keep buying them! Annual vinyl sales have grown 15-fold in the United States over the past 12 years.