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May 26, 2022

Some hacks to make blurry videos clearer using Recoverit

  • March 15, 2022
  • 5 min read
Some hacks to make blurry videos clearer using Recoverit


Video files are vital to preserve memories and create important projects. Therefore, it is important to advise that if it is lost due to loss or corruption, the first step is to restore it to gain access to the files. Therefore, this article is beneficial: it gives details about the reasons for blurred videos, the best methods to create clear videos, and how to make a video less blurry by using Recoverit to help make videos clearer.

What makes your videos blurry?

The video may blur in a variety of ways. It’s difficult to stop blurring from happening, but there are a few steps to prevent it from happening. It is all dependent on how you interact with the video. The blur issue is typically due to something happening while creating the film. However, it could also be caused by an issue with your device.

  • Software compatibility: When you watch an online video, you can observe that the video lacks details. Likely, the file format you’re watching isn’t suitable for the algorithm of compression the film uses. The video file must adhere to the format. Therefore, media players need an update to their software to ensure that the video isn’t damaged, blurred or damaged.
  • Format that is not supported: If a video file transforms into a formatted, formatted file, it’s converted into a codec after being compressed. In most cases, it’s when you’re encountering an unreadable file on your media player even though it’s in a compatible format; most likely, your computer can’t recognize the file.
  • Insufficient storage space on your disk: Playback of videos may blur if the hard drive space on your computer is overloaded. A large number of programs and files could clog up the hard disk. Furthermore, they could affect computer performance. So, you might encounter blurry videos every time you view them. Additionally, they could slow computers down.
  • Incorrect coding: It’s also possible to observe blurry images in your video if the encoder isn’t functioning correctly. It’s essential to be aware that videos need to be correctly encoded and have the right support for codecs, the appropriate software, or enough disk space. If the digitization is not corrected, it can cause blurriness in your video.

Common ways to fix blurry videos

They are among the top popular methods to make any video crystal clear.

  • Utilizing Adobe After Effects: Utilizing Adobe After Effects can help solve pixels. It gives a wide range of editing options for videos. The only drawback of this software is that it needs some time and effort. It is a process that involves trial and error to find the most appropriate options to clean your videos. A few of the effects, you can use to eliminate pixelation “Remove Grain” option in the Effects” and others. Utilizing Adobe is a long procedure. If you do not have Adobe experience, it can be challenging to use the software. It’s only useful if you’ve gained experience and the necessary time to put into it.
  • Reduce the screen size: The video could be blurred when stretched to higher screen size. Reducing the size of the video screen can enable you to see the video more clearly. The size of the window in the player video is an additional option worth looking into. While it won’t alter any aspect of video quality and the quality will stay the same, it will enable viewers to view the video more clearly. However, videos that have low resolution can’t be played in smaller sizes. Therefore, the smaller size may not suffice to watch the video properly. Furthermore, low-resolution videos can’t be saved using the programs mentioned above.
  • Videos Editing Software: You can choose from a broad selection of editing tools available for videos that will resolve the issue of pixels. But even though Android apps are readily available, PC-based applications are more efficient. For example, when you are working with a PC to repair a video, you can transfer the video onto your computer and then run the program you prefer. The procedure to run PC and Android apps are similar.

How can I make videos clearer with Recoverit?

Download and install Recoverit. Then select a drive where your video file is located.

Select format of video you wanted to make more clear and click on start button.

Here you can see selected videos that you wanted to make more clear. Click on Recover button, this will start your recovery process.

Now you can preview your files and decide whether you want to save them or not. To save and recover, click on the Recover button to make your video clearer.

If, in the end, you realize that the video can’t be repaired to your satisfaction, you should think about doing an additional repair. The first step is to click the Advance Repair button. This will provide a more precise repair process that could take just a few seconds. Next, click the icon to open folders and upload the video you wish to test first. After you click Repair, hit the button to start your Repair. The most significant advantage of Wondershare Recoverit lies in the way that it enables users to view repair-related videos and save them to any location they want. Additionally, if you adhere to the above steps, you can enhance its quality.


It is normal for videos to blur. However, it is recommended to select an established method to resolve the problem and get them out of the way. While there are various ways to remove blur from movies, only a few of them will resolve most problems related to a video. The Wondershare Recoverit video recovery is just one of those tools and assists in repairing blurry videos. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any prior knowledge.

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