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Solving the 6 Biggest Difficulties for English Learners

  • August 29, 2021
  • 3 min read
Solving the 6 Biggest Difficulties for English Learners

Learning any language is no doubt interesting, but initially, if that is not your native language, then it takes time to get a grip of it. English is indeed one of the most spoken languages in the globe, hence learning it has become the need of the hour. But while learning English, there are also multiple difficulties that the learners face.

Here is a list of the six biggest difficulties for English learners and ways of how one can overcome them:

1. Native Speakers, Speaking Uber-Fast:

This is one of the typical English learner’s faces. You might think that native speakers talk very fast, but this is not the case. You can get through this problem with the help of the best English speaking course online. It is in that course that speakers are taught to speak slowly and focus on every word. The key is to listen to each word and be a good listener. If you end up listening to everything in one go, then you will miss out on words.

2. Vocabulary – Big Hurdle:

For the beginners’ English speakers, vocabulary constitutes the hurdle. Students feel that they can never remember any word when it is required. Ideally, in this situation, it is a practice that can help the English speaker overcome the problem, and practice can be done through spoken English classes online. Keep repeating vocabulary by listening to music, memorizing your favourite songs, watching English series, reading books etc. You cannot mug up words just like that; one can properly remember when it gets learned through the context.

3. Pronunciation Issues:

English language beginners worry about their pronunciation and fear that if they speak, they will be able to understand their accent. This might get true, especially the English learners are speaking to someone for the very first time. However, a good thing about pronunciation is that it can easily be improved with the help of a basic spoken English course. You can also listen to songs and practice those lines repeatedly.

4. Nervousness While Speaking:

One of the prominent challenges English learners face is their shaken-up confidence while speaking the language. But the best way to overcome through is to speak more of it, with the guidance of the English teacher online in India. Initially, feeling nervous is normal, but you will become better with practice, and your nervousness will just wither away.

5. Pauses: basic spoken English course

English learners find It hard to communicate their ideas to the audience out. They feel they take plenty of pauses and are not very fast in speaking. One can easily learn English speaking online and overcome the problem of pauses. Initially, people who are learning the language speak slowly and avoid mistakes, and there is no harm in that. Slowly and surely increase your speed, but make sure that increasing speed does not mean you start speaking fast and your words are unclear. A good speaker always has great clarity.

6. Mistakes While Speaking:

It is a very normal fear the English speakers go through. Initially, when we are not very thorough with the language, we make mistakes, but with the help of a fluent English-speaking course, it becomes easier to practice and reduce the number of errors. Also, ‘Practice makes a man perfect and also Mistakes leads to perfection’. The more mistakes one makes, the better one becomes with the language. One important point to note is that you must be aware of the mistakes you are making and try not to repeat these mistakes in the future.