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December 8, 2022

Small Office Designing Mistakes – How to fix them

  • December 15, 2021
  • 6 min read
Small Office Designing Mistakes – How to fix them

Are you facing low productivity from your employees? It’s probably the layout that’s hurting the team’s efficiency and productivity. Many of the employers neither give attention nor consider the importance of the interior designing of an office. Poor office planning highly affects your employees in a negative way.

Always remember that the office’s environment is complex, with a lot of things happening around. You have to design and accommodate different parts of an office in a suitable manner. Keeping in view all the needs of your office, redesign it so your employees can perform well and meet all the targets and goals. 

In this article, Glass Genius will help you know the fundamental mistakes during the office designing phase of the workspace. We have pulled together all the typical office design problems that the employees encounter. The know-how of these problems will help you make strategic changes and minor improvements that will boost the workers’ morale and encourage them to work hard on the target goals. 

So, here we go.

Office Design Mistake to Avoid

1.     Poor Utilization of Office Space

The most common mistake is the poor utilization of office space. The poor utilization always leads to redesigning the space as the office area will always look cluttered, even if it is not.

Poor use occurs in places designed for another purpose and is used for some other purpose. Sometimes, you may not see enough variety in the setting types that lead to the poor use of space. 

2.     Bad Lighting

Many offices do not pay attention to the lightning of the working space. Having only a single source of light in the office is a big no. 

The best possible light for the working area is natural light. For this, the working area should have a lot of windows that allow the sunlight to pass through. Always look for offices that allow natural light in your office.

If there is no window or it does not have much natural light to enter the office, try to opt for soft lighting. Bright LED lights are also an excellent source to brighten the space, but they cause headaches and anxiety. Instead, choose suitable bulbs that increase productivity. You can also consider the computer glare, cost-effective and mood-boosting bulbs to use in the office space. 

3.     No tabletops on the tables

Tables are the most common and essential part of any office. Employees daily sit 9 hours or so on these tables doing their work. The big blunder committed by the owners is not installing glass table top protectors on the office tables.

In Glass Genius’ opinion, the installation of tabletops on the tables is not directly related to the employees’ productivity. It benefits the office owner as the glass tabletop protects the table from many things.

First of all, the tabletops give low maintenance. It means they are easy to clean. Moreover, it protects the underlying table from scratches, stains, and damages. Plus, the tabletops create the illusion of space for the small offices and make them appear larger. 

4.     Sub-standard Reception Area

The reception area is the first place with which the visitors, employees, new hires, and potential clients come in contact. A poorly designed reception area creates a terrible first impression on all the visitors. 

Even if you have a small office, the reception should be welcoming, professional, and accommodating. It should have a good sitting area where the visitors and clients can sit and wait for their turn. Never clutter this area, and don’t try to store files or place extra boxes. 

While designing the reception area, give the walls and furniture a color scheme that suits your office. 

5.     Overcrowding the Space

While dealing with a small office, we have witnessed that the working space is overcrowded. There is no private room for the employees, whether it is the workstations, the lounge, or the dining area. Yes, employers are forced to accommodate more people in a small space, but that does not mean you do not care about workers’ rights.

Try to give a room between the workstations of each employee, so they have the right to move, breathe, and enjoy their personal space during work. Once you implement this, you will notice a surge in work productivity, and the employees’ behavior will change too. 

6.     Outdated Furniture

Ever wondered what makes your employees run away from your company? There can be many reasons, and outdated furniture is one of them. Outdated furniture destroys the entire reputation of the company.

There are many trending ideas for office furniture. Follow any of the ideas to change the furniture. If you think the furniture needs repair and will look good after the maintenance, go for it. Otherwise, replacing the outdated furniture is the best option for your small office. 

7.     Bad Acoustics in the Premises

Any worker does not like a noisy workplace. The bad acoustics of your place will allow the noise to travel into every corner of the working area. Such sites reduce work efficiency and divert the attention of employees.

Whether your office is small or big, the acoustic material should be capable enough to absorb and reduce the noise levels. There are many acoustic options like ceilings, wall panels, and carpets that you can incorporate in your office and increase business productivity. 

Final Words

Every office has its own challenges and limitations that it has to deal with. Small offices face some common problems. Glass Genius tried its best to give easy solutions to the issues and help you boost your business. 

The above-given issues are solvable if you are interested. Try to give better light, good space, and a clutter-free environment to your employees to work in a calm environment. However, whether your office needs glass round glass table top protectors or not, all is in the sole discretion of your owners. 

In case, if you need a rectangle glass table top or round glass table top for your home office or the living room, you can order on the Glass Genius website.

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