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October 2, 2023

Skincare Tips for a Complete Transformation

  • August 12, 2021
  • 3 min read
Skincare Tips for a Complete Transformation

The skincare industry is very overwhelming as you can come across a plethora of skincare products. With hundreds of skincare products being released every week, preparing a list of must-haves beauty products can be a very difficult task. By using your feel unique voucher code, you will be able to gain discounts over thousands of skincare products but, what to buy and what to leave is still a dilemma. Following are some skincare tips which covers all sin bases equally.

Know your Skin Type

The most important thing is to know about your skin type. In case you are not aware or are misinformed, you may end up in compromising the natural balance of your skin which may trigger inflammation, irritation, breakouts along with facing premature ageing. Common types of skin are oily-sensitive, dry, acne-prone as well as mature. Note that your skin can be more than one type and it can change through seasons or with time.

If you are worried about what you are putting on your skin, you need to look for brands that are creating vegan dermatological products. There aren’t too many brands that can claim to be truly ‘vegan’. However, if you go for exceptional skin care brands like Louis Widmer, you will be able to get your hands on the purest and best vegan dermatological skin care products.

Properly Layer Your Skincare

If you fail to apply skincare product in the right order, they will not completely absorb in your skin which means they are not as effective as you want them to be. The general rule is to apply the lightest formula first so that they can absorb without having to bear heavy creams. Gradually, apply heavy creams and give some time (few minutes) to let them absorb properly within the deep pores of your skin to gain effective results. Cleansers, toners, serum, eye cream, face cream and many times a sun screen are some common skincare routine products which you can easily buy from feel unique voucher code.

Always Do a Patch Test

Before you go on starting over a new product, always do a patch test first so that you can avoid the risk of irritation or any allergic reaction. To take a test, apply a small portion into your inner arm and see how the skin will react to the formula.

Always Double Cleanse

If you want an effective beauty hack, double cleansing is the perfect one as it completely transforms your skin. When you cleanse twice, you make sure that all the dirt, pollution, oil and bacteria which have built up during the day is removed, leaving you with a thoroughly clean base which can routinely be layered with skincare products which you have bought with feel unique voucher code.

Make Masks a Regular Product

Most ladies consider face masks to be a product used occasionally. However, the fact is that masks are so important that they should be incorporated in your daily care routine. Face masks have ingredients which addresses a whole array of skin related concerns from acne-prone skin to oily skin and from sensitive to dry skin. All you want is the perfect mask which is suitable for your skin type. In case, you are a really busy lady, apply a clay mask once every week along with a sheet mask so as to make your skin remain hydrated all week long.