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November 28, 2023
Digital Marketing Marketing

Six Healthcare Social Media Marketing Ideas of All Time

  • January 25, 2023
  • 7 min read
Six Healthcare Social Media Marketing Ideas of All Time

Social media holds the most promising marketing opportunities today. Unfortunately, people still don’t understand this concept completely.

As audiences become increasingly scattered across digital channels, social media offers the perfect chance to form communities. However, creating new and unique healthcare marketing ideas for social media can be challenging, especially when considering HIPAA regulations. 

So how do you create a successful strategy for healthcare social media marketing

There’s no doubt healthcare marketing on social media helps boost your brand name and gain the audience’s trust. But you must be very particular with the posts and content you share. It should be informative, timely, and accurate.

Before diving in, a few things to consider are your audience, message, and industry. Have a look at each aspect before creating and sharing content.

Your audience

A vast assumption healthcare businesses make is that everyone on the internet will be interested in what they offer, marketing to a broad audience. Each person will respond to your content differently, especially at different stages of your buyer’s cycle. 

Targeting a small audience according to their demographics and interests is essential.  This strategy can help you maximize impact and get better results. You must target a group of people more likely to engage with your content.

Your message

The purpose of your content should be clear. Without a well-defined goal, you just click publish and hope for the best.

Follow a healthcare marketing plan that represents your brand and the voice of your audience. Create content to encourage users to believe in your ability to deliver exceptional results. Besides, you can curate content that’s more relatable for patients.

Knowing what you want to deliver can help you think more creatively and strategically about the content you want to share online. This can help your audience to understand your message better.

Your industry

Researching your competitors and identifying what’s trending in healthcare is essential. There are many social media initiatives, and each sector has specific content and audience.

A quick platform search is perfect for finding trending content in your industry. In fact, your search results depend on the type of content or platform you’re planning to use. You must search using relevant keywords or hashtags and see what comes up as the most popular content for that search.

In-depth industry knowledge can help you create a community of reliable followers. You can start a discussion to let other people share their experiences. Now that you know the essential aspects, let’s dive into the standouts of social media marketing for the healthcare industry.

Top Healthcare Social Media Marketing Ideas of All Time

  1. Share your patients’ reviews.

Patients first look for the reviews before booking an appointment with a healthcare provider. Reviews are the best way to promote your healthcare business and build trust. 

You can share patient reviews on top healthcare business listing sites or social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Positive reviews significantly impact your business’ goodwill—the more positive, the better.

If you have negative reviews, don’t ignore them. You should still respond to them and reach out to patients to see how you can help correct the situation. After providing a solution, you can request that patients remove negative reviews. 

  1. Ask your patients to post their experiences.

Word-of-mouth marketing in healthcare is vital, especially if you’re a new business trying to grow your initial patient base. Thankfully, social media has made it much easier and less expensive for healthcare brands to reach out and attract new patients online.

Ask your existing patients to repost your content, share their good experiences with your brand, and tag you. You can reshare their posts since user-generated content makes more impact. 

This strategy works for anyone to increase their social media followers or reach a broad range of audiences online by raising brand awareness. Here are a few examples:

  • A dermatologist or dentist could ask their patients to tag them in their posts while sharing their experience with them. They can offer them any complimentary service in return.
  • A weight-loss clinic could ask patients to share their stories online and tag them for a chance to win any free diet plan or other services. These offers often motivate patients to post and tag the brand.

  1. Collaborate with influencers.

Influencer marketing is rising in trends, and many more brands are switching to quality influencers along with online advertising. Sometimes influencer marketing can be pricey. In that case, you can reach micro-influencers for collaborations. 

Most users trust influencer recommendations because they are usually familiar with the services they recommend. However, you must find influencers who can bring positive results to help your healthcare business.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting an impactful influencer:

  • The influencer must be credible. 
  • They must have maximum engagement, such as likes, comments, and shares. 
  • Their audience should match your needs.

There are macro and micro-influencers if you want to work with them and grow your brand. They are social media content creators with up to one million and fifty thousand followers. 

They have expertise in specific topics. Micro-influencers prefer to work with small to large brands. But they are more established and recognizable in their industry.

  1. Share short and engaging videos.

People pay attention to short, simple, and engaging videos quickly. YouTube and LinkedIn users may search for long-form content, but straightforward video content is more popular on social networks like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. You can read here how to schedule YouTube videos?

Short video content can help you increase engagement and traffic on social media. However, if you prefer longer-form videos, consider creating engaging content that encourages your audience to watch the entire video until the end.

  1. Participate in live streams. 

Videos continue to rule everywhere, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Social media users are always looking for video content that’s educational and valuable.

More healthcare service providers are participating in live interviews and discussions to create an authentic and credible image of their brands. In addition, your patients can evaluate your brand’s personality by watching your videos. 

They can connect with you better by listening to your opinion on different topics. Live videos are the best way to increase your reach. They get you brand recognition, more visibility, and build authenticity.

  1. Consider healthcare blogging.

Start a healthcare blog to become a reliable source of help and advice, even when patients aren’t in the office. You can’t control the answers your patient receives from books and people, but you can help direct the responses they get from the Google search engine. 

Use search engine optimization to improve your healthcare blog’s ranking on Google. If you aren’t sure how to move forward, get help from a professional or healthcare marketing agency.

The Final Words.

These actionable strategies should give you a good starting point. 

Now that you know what healthcare marketing entails and exciting social media ideas, transform your online presence like never before.

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