Sir Walter Buffalo turf price some important terms you should know    
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March 28, 2023

Sir Walter Buffalo turf price some important terms you should know

  • February 20, 2022
  • 3 min read
Sir Walter Buffalo turf price some important terms you should know

There are several places in Sydney where you may buy Sir Walter grass, but not all of them are created equal. You could be tempted to choose less expensive kinds, but you’ll be astonished at how affordable the premium Sir Walter Buffalo turf Australia is. 

How Much is Sir Walter Buffalo turf price? 

Sir Walter Buffalo’s turf price is only $14.50 per m² (DNA confirmed). It’s not the cheapest grass we make, but you’ll get a superb turf that will be a great investment and bring you years of pleasure. One of the reasons Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified) costs a little more is that it takes about a year to grow to harvest-ready status.

During that time, experts are caring for your Sir Walter Buffalo turf, feeding it, and making sure it’s robust, healthy and free of disease and weeds. In comparison, a cheaper grass like Kikuyu can be harvested in as little as 6 months, resulting in lower production costs.

Why is Sir Walter Buffalo Australia’s Most Popular Turf (DNA certified)?

Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified) is Australia’s number one turf option for a variety of reasons.

Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA Certified) performs admirably in a variety of situations, including:

●  Drought and exposure to the sun

●  High foot traffic and activity

●  Conditions were chilly and gloomy

Even in the winter, Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified) maintains a magnificent brilliant green color and produces dense growth that keeps weeds away. Sir Walter Buffalo not only thrives in full sun, but it also thrives in the shade, as it only needs around 3 hours of bright sunshine every day.

When it comes to Spring and Summer, you’ll love the low care requirements.

Is the Sir Walter Buffalo you’re buying genuine?

It’s critical to get only authentic Sir Walter Buffalo turf (DNA confirmed).

Some people sell cheaper Sir Walter Buffalo variations, however, they don’t perform as well as the more expensive Sir Walter Buffalo kinds. Inferior Sir Walter cultivars may struggle under harsh environments, lose color in the winter, and are pest and weed resistant. Sir Walter Buffalo’s DNA has been verified. It’s the result of decades of research and breeding from carefully chosen strains.

The pure genetic type we employ for our turf ensures that it is pest resistant, grows swiftly, and establishes a deep and robust root system. This is why Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified) thrives in drought, heals rapidly from injury, and maintains its gorgeous green color throughout the year.

Regular DNA testing is conducted by Lawn Solutions Australia to guarantee that each batch of Sir Walter Buffalo retains its pure genetic makeup and exceptional attributes. For your peace of mind, we also include a certificate of authenticity and a 10-year warranty. That way, you’ll know that your turf was grown using just 100% genuine Sir Walter Buffalo grass and is disease and weed-free.

Sir Walter Buffalo’s non-allergenic characteristics will also delight your family; no more runny noses or itching eyes.

Conclusion:- Purchase the top-of-the-line Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified) and reap the benefits of having magnificent turf in your life. Don’t forget about the AUSGAP 10-year warranty; it’s all about making life better.