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November 28, 2023
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Should Pizza Making Need with Zeal and Knowledge

  • March 29, 2022
  • 6 min read
Should Pizza Making Need with Zeal and Knowledge

Millions of individuals throughout the globe bake pizza and present it in pizza boxes. But the majority of them do it for a living—for a wage. They’re no different from the burger-flippers seen in fast-food restaurants around the country—and you know how bland a fast-food burger is, particularly when compared to the genuine thing.

Gourmet pizza producers exist in the same way that gourmet burger makers do. They also use stylish pizza packaging to attract customers.

These are a select few who pursue their art for the love of it as well as for monetary gain. These are actual pizza makers, not simply folks who cook pizzas for a living.

What’s the distinction? True and successful pizza producers have two characteristics that others do have not: passion and expertise. By passion, I mean an insatiable desire to create good pizza—to immerse oneself in the subtleties of the craft and emerge as a master of the craft. It helps if you are passionate about Italy, but any compulsive desire will suffice. Deep knowledge—the full knowledge of someone who’s read a thousand recipes and made a thousand pizzas—is what I mean by knowledge.

Worth of Pizza Knowledge and Experience

It took me many years to realize these two things, but today I know they are the keys to success—not just in cooking pizza, but in every other profession on the earth, from housekeeping to engineering.

Passion and knowledge are inextricably what you must have: you can’t have one without the other. You can’t be successful until you have both. When you are both enthusiastic and knowledgeable about a certain kind of employment, it ceases to work and becomes a joy and an honor. If the job turns out to be pizza-making, it becomes a nice livelihood as well, since talented pizza-makers are paid well.

Passion is the more important of the two elements. It is what permits you to learn and what allows you to make sacrifices for your ambitions. You will never achieve in the art of pizza (or in life in general) unless you are ready to make sacrifices.

I didn’t know anything about pizza when I started my job. I understood the difference between a good and a lousy pizza, but so did every other Naples lad. The specifics of what went into making a decent pizza—how the dough was produced, why a wood-burning oven was employed, what exact ingredients were utilized—were all a mystery to me.

Determination Is What You Need

But I was determined to learn how to make excellent pizza to present in pizza boxes. My ambition was to become one of the world’s top pizza makers, and it was this ambition that propelled me ahead. I completed ten-hour stints for free as part of my apprenticeship. The kitchen was hot, the hours were long, and the money was pitiful—but I persevered because I knew it was the cost of success. I was prepared to pay it since I knew my efforts would be recognized—and they have!

Today, I am a famous specialist in Neapolitan pizza, travelling the globe to create a pizza and teach others how to do the same. I get money to do what I like while also assisting others in achieving their goals—it’s fantastic life!

You can see why passion is the most important component now. We begin with it, and we need it in order to get the other—without passion, you can never expect to gain knowledge on any topic. With zeal, almost everything is achievable.

Passion and knowledge are complementary, and both are essential. The only difference is that knowledge that you can enhance easily; however, desire must already exist inside you. The only way to find out whether you have a love for pizza is to make some!

Anyone should be able to create flawless Neapolitan pizza armed with these two fundamentals: two persons who are equally enthusiastic and knowledgeable will generate equally wonderful pizzas. So, how do you set yourself apart when presenting your pizzas in small pizza boxes?

How will you distinguish your pizzas?

It’s simple enough, but you’ll still need the two critical elements. Passion will get you through the tough times. When things become busy, when you’re actually not ready, passion will drag you forward, no matter what. Simultaneously, as your expertise grows, you will be able to deliver superior outcomes. Pizza cooks must be intimately familiar with every ingredient and technique. Pizza-making isn’t rocket science, but that’s just because pizzas don’t explode all that frequently.

My advice is to forget about being unique and instead focus on being excellent. With time and practice, you will develop your own style. You’ll notice that you’re doing things a little differently here and there. Little details will arise in your work to distinguish it from the work of others, and your pizzas will finally be uniquely yours. Allow things to happen naturally: if you concentrate on quality, each little adjustment will seem right.

Are the Key Factors Really Vital?

Both yes and no. If you’re simply looking for a job at a pizzeria to bring home a salary and maybe some leftover pizza in custom pizza boxes, then NO, you don’t need enthusiasm or expertise. But you may respond, that’s insane. After all, I’ve stated so far, am I now telling you that the two main criteria aren’t even necessary? Allow me to explain.

The majority of folks who bake pizza do it just because the demand for the pizza is far above the ground. It makes no difference to them whether they are producing fries or not. For such individuals, neither love nor education is necessary. They’ll create dough the way their trainer instructed them—or, if you’re unfortunate, the way the laminated chart instructed them.


Let’s assume your interest in pizza extends beyond the fast-food level. It is the appropriate moment to learn pizza-making if you want to be a high-powered professional in packaging business. Do it now if your passion for the arts puts you above the other doughboys. Also, if your curiosity leads you to discover not just how but also why, the answer can only be YES.

Yes, both enthusiasm and expertise are what you should have for success! It’s obvious that you already have the first one—passion—and that you’re on your way to acquiring the other two. You’re not just a foot soldier in the army of pizza-makers—you’re officer material, maybe even a future hero. Go out there and attract some attention! You may present your pizzas in catchy pizza boxes.