Serverwala Review: Benefits you get with Seattle Dedicated Server    
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June 30, 2022

Serverwala Review: Benefits you get with Seattle Dedicated Server

  • January 12, 2022
  • 5 min read
Serverwala Review: Benefits you get with Seattle Dedicated Server


Getting dedicated servers where you host your website or web applications ought to be your top priority. An unprotected dedicated server can prompt security breaches, data theft, and service interruptions. 

Cyberattacks have been increasing consistently with data breaches costing organizations on an average nearly $4 million per incident. Dedicated server security has never been however crucial as it is very well today.

In this article, we’ll get into the top security breaks and best practices to get dedicated servers against them. Read on to learn how to get your dedicated server in Seattle that helps prevent devastating data breaches. 

Know about Dedicated Server Hosting

A Seattle Dedicated Server is more like an in-house server but is mainly managed auto-piloy by the hosting service provider. Dedicated Servers usually operate remotely and offer a host of a suite and resources suitable for data storage and other backup services. Any business which is needed to introduce specialized services such as scaling enormous traffic or deploying private servers to handle plenty of data, switch to Dedicated hosting. 

3 Choices for setting up a Dedicated Server

The major benefits of the Dedicated server Seattle vary with the business needs. Any new business when setting up a new server has basically three choices – 

On-premise – You can simply set up an in-house server. You need to hire trained staff and need a sound technical infrastructure at your disposal. It offers complete control as the installation cost remains phenomenally high. 

Lease a server – You can actually rent a server from the hosting solution provider like Serverwala. It is the most preferred way of setting up a server and you can control the server configuration. While Serverwala handles maintenance and troubleshoots bugs.

Colocation hosting – It enables any company to set up an exclusive server with the help of a third-party data server center. 

Top Benefits of Choosing Dedicated Server in Seattle 

Dedicated server benefits, features depend on the location where your hosting equipment resides. You can choose on-premise or rented or colocation dedicated server as per your requirement.

High performance and speed:

We know all of the dedicated server resources and hardware is work for a single organisation. So, your website gets a high loading speed and optimal performance. This gives a better user experience. 

You want to scale the most trustworthy and reliable platform, you need to acquire speed, and that is only possible with a dedicated server. 

Enhanced Security:

This provides a high level of security to secure your data from scammers. You can customise your server resources or install security software. To protect your data dedicated server give

  • Complete root access to custom configuration
  • Install security software like DDoS protection, anti-virus
  • Take backup your server to restore files
  • Setup firewall system
  • Limit admin access
  • Data encryption for high protection

Unique IP address

You get an IP address for your website. Because all of the server resources is work for your website. Unique IP address means you don’t required to update your IP address when the lease expires. 

Choice of Hardware:

You have full flexibility in choosing dedicated server resources for your website. Hardware resources like RAM, processor, power, storage, and others. So, this is completely cost-effective because you choose the software which you want for your online business. 

99.9% Guaranteed Up time:

In shared hosting or other hosting, your website can go down when traffic spikes, at the end of the hosting provider. Here, a dedicated server easily handles the high traffic of your website. If you get hosting from the best-dedicated server provider in Chicago then they ensure 99.9% uptime. 

Full Root Access:

You get a complete hosting environment to manage the resources. Then you choose a rented, buying, or colocation dedicated server. You can customize server software and system, which enables you to

  • Custom configure the server as per your business need
  • Install requires an app, tool, or OS
  • Take data backup and measures ideal security
  • Manage the interaction of users.

Technical Support:

You can ensure 24*7 technical support with the best-dedicated server provider in Chicago, . If you face any type of issue they are available to resolve it. 

Introduction about Serverwala

Serverwala is a globally acclaimed offshoring web hosting provider that offers hosting solutions such as VPS, dedicated, Cluster, and Cloud-based. With such a plethora range of hosting solutions at any entrepreneur’s disposal, users will have an adequate range of resources at an affordable cost. Serverwala has received many awards and helped scale many start-ups and unicorns across the globe. When talking of maintenance and support, the Serverwala offers 24*7 customer support via Email, Chat, Skype, and has data centers located in all six continents. 

Reason to choose Serverwala Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Server Hosting is the platform where clients can host a single website as an entity ranging to multiple sites, applications of any size, and structure. It renders you many benefits – it is most preferred by the large businesses houses. Some of the top reasons are mentioned below – 

  • Top-notch Performance – Enjoy high-performance due to robust servers’ framework and powerful hardware.
  • Quick Customization – You can tweak your Seattle Dedicated Server Hosting plans and bundles as per your business needs with just a single click.
  • Flexibility  – All the resources and services are highly flexible that you can utilize at any given time. 
  • Solid Bandwidth – A Cheap Dedicated Server Seattle is essentially the primary choice for large organizations because it provides unlimited data transmission to deliver fast network efficiency and ensure the high availability of resources. 


You’ll observe the Serverwala Dedicated Server in Seattle Hosting is totally worth cash. This is on the grounds that, within your budget, you are getting everything in need for your business from reliable resources to customization to scalability to reliability to better upgrades, security, and customer support at a minimal price. In this manner, you can flawlessly run your website and ensure it works quickly to serve optimal performance. execution.