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July 6, 2022

Resources Available After Losing a Loved One to Cancer

  • February 25, 2022
  • 4 min read

Cancer is a horrible illness that has taken the lives of far too many people. As the search continues for a true cure to this terrifying disease, many of us have been forced to watch as our loved ones fall victim to cancer. In losing a family member or friend to this illness, we may feel lost and uncertain of the next steps to take. However, there are several resources available to those who need help coping after the loss of a beloved person in their lives.

Funeral Expenses


Upon being diagnosed with cancer, some patients elect to get their funeral expenses in order. Covering the cost of funeral services can be overwhelming for some families. However, some service providers work with you to honor the life of the loved one while affording discounts based on Social Security benefits and VA benefits. After all, a meaningful ceremony to respect the impact of that person’s life provides some of those closest to the departed some peace of mind.

When dealing with serious conditions brought on by cancer, families brace for what may be inevitable. However, it’s important to work with a compassionate funeral service provider that understands the financial difficulties that come with the loss of a loved one to a long-term disease. These funeral homes recognize the importance of that person, making sure to honor them with care while not leaving those whom they’ve left behind with a large invoice.



Some cancer cases have been linked to exposure to carcinogenic materials over time. That’s where groups of plaintiffs have worked to file legal action against those at the root of environments and products. For example, a class-action legal claim has been filed against the manufacturers of Zantac and the generic version ranitidine. This Zantac cancer lawsuit is looking to hold drugmakers accountable for the impurity of their products and during the manufacturing process.

The alleged link between Zantac and NDMA has been tied to the development of bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, and other variations of the disease. If your loved one was taking brand-name or generic Zantac, the prescription, or the OTC version, you may be entitled to compensation through this Zantac class-action lawsuit. Contact the law firm behind such litigation for a free consultation with no obligation to sign on for the class-action claim.

The Mourning Process


Losing a family member or close friend to cancer can be a difficult time, and for some, they may have had to watch that person suffer since the onset of the disease. Once that person is gone, there may be a sense of relief for them no longer having to suffer. However, it’s important to afford yourself the ability to mourn. There’s no timeline for how long you mourn a loved one, but these are emotions that need to be vented. For some, crying isn’t enough, as there are deeper unresolved issues. Meeting with a therapist for individual or group sessions might be in your best interest. You can also look into free resources provided in your area or through religious outlets to afford you the shared experience of loss.

Medical Care


If you’ve lost a family member to cancer, it may raise alarms for your own health. Some people are genetically at a higher risk of cancer, and there is medical testing available to evaluate this level of risk. Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer are just some of the variations of this illness that help assess risk and find genes that may have been passed throughout your family. This can help your primary care physician provide you with the proper guidance to address that risk of cancer. This can be of great benefit to you and your loves to not have to suffer that loss again.