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December 5, 2021

Proven Ways To Make Work-Life Balance

  • November 5, 2021
  • 3 min read
Proven Ways To Make Work-Life Balance

Who doesn’t need a luxury house and a well-established life with comfort and stability? But running for a career with a focused mindset can cost you some real things in your life.

People often find themselves struggling to hold a life career balance in their mid or early 30s. It’s because of the lack of control over sudden lifestyle changes. But if you’re one of them and looking for a solution then we’re happy to tell you that it’s possible and simple by understanding.

In this article, we are going to know about some strong and proven tips to maintain a work-life balance in your life.

  1. Don’t seek perfection: The first and most important rule of getting satisfaction is never to seek perfection. Perfection is the biggest myth you can ever have. No matter how much you claim up already or how simple your goal is, there is always something that takes your patience. The reaction to the hard times will decide whether you deserve the place or not. Seeking a fake reality will give you nothing but failure. After the damage, your motivation and self-confidence will be affected a lot. So instead of seeking a daydream reality of perfection, always choose to have the best outcome possible.
  1. Exercise and meditate: A popular saying was “ Health is Wealth ” which is perfectly matching with this point. If you’re lacking in physical activity, it’ll create some bad impact on your mood and temperament. In the long term, it might cause some serious health problems that you never want to have. If you’re busy, try to be kind to yourself. Keep a few times aside from your schedule and engage your body in a good workout. Also, consider doing meditation. According to researchers and professionals, meditation can improve your focus and memory power. Also in a long term situation, it can even reshape your brain structure by neurons.
  1. Get into solitude: Every person has their individual needs. But living in a collective society often brainwash people to understand the sad and dark side of spending time alone by comparing it with a taboo. It’s a completely fake reality. If you’re believing it then at the end you’ll end up like a confused and tired fellow worker. While spending time with family and colleagues you must give some time to yourself. Consider going for a walk or having a long ride alone. Try to relax and revive yourself from the clatter outside.
  1. Optimise social media: We’re living in a glorious era of digitisation. So many innovations and trends are happening every day. Missing those will make you fall behind. Don’t try to do that. Instead, try to optimise your social media consumption. If you’re on social media, you must have a purpose and the purpose should be more than just entertainment. Try to add some value to people’s lives, or try to get values from others lives. In the end, it’ll always be a win-win situation. Applying social media for self-growth can value you so much, at the same time having an addiction can seriously affect your productivity.

Applying for these tips will help you achieve your career and financial goals without messing up with your personal life.

Author Bio:

His experiences working for top brands like Unilever and Samsonite inspired him to write ‘The Rules of Work. Shivank set out to provide non-bullshitty, fact-based career advice that helps millennial workers get more opportunities and grow their careers faster. This blog is where he documents the daily challenges he and his colleagues face. Check him out on

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