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January 26, 2022

Preventing Exercise-Related Injuries

  • September 29, 2021
  • 3 min read
Preventing Exercise-Related Injuries

Regardless of the type of exercise or physical activity you chose, there is always a risk of injury. This risk increases with intense physical activity, so that running is more risky than walking. It’s best to avoid the risk of injury but that doesn’t mean you should avoid exercising altogether. Here are a few tips on injury prevention.

Get Yourself A Good Pair Of Shoes

Most exercises place a lot of impact on your feet, which is why it is important to choose high-quality shoes to protect yourself from injury. If you’ve ever asked yourself, why are nobull shoes so expensive? To further illustrate how this works, compare running shoes to basketball shoes. While both will have extra padding, which is inserted to help reduce the repeated impact of running (whether you’re running or playing basketball), you’ll find that basketball shoes are higher on top and have more padding on the sides. . All sports shoes are designs with the specific movements and potential injuries of their intended physical activity in mind. After all, basketball shoes are of little use in a bowling alley.  

Proper Form Is Crucial

Too many people injure themselves while they are working out due to improper form. This is usually due to misinformation, or simply not bothering to perform an exercise properly. This is especially important in weight training exercises, where improper form can potentially cause irreversible damage to your nerves or joints. For example, when performing squats, experts have agreed that your knees should not go past your toes, regardless of the squat variation you are trying.

Of course, any loss of stability is prone to increase the likelihood of falls—another source of injury. If you’re following a workout from a magazine, video, app or general online programming, recognize that those workouts are made for the general population.

Go Slow

The last thing you should know about exercise related injuries is that more often than not they are the result of over-eagerness. Injury prevention is an important aspect of all physical activity.

Pay attention to pain.

Strength movements should not be painful. That old motto “no pain, no gain” does not apply here. If you experience pain during a specific exercise, stop doing it and seek professional advice. It is easy to get overwhelmed when you’re starting a workout routine on your own. You may have questions about form, technique, what equipment to use, how to get results, or even how to stretch. Taking days off is not a suggestion; it is a requirement for strength improvements and injury prevention. The same muscles that create a stronger, more powerful individual are also the muscles that help prevent injuries. If they are not able to recover and repair from the strain of exercise, they are not getting stronger and may not be able to help prevent injuries either. Recovery happens with proper hydration, nutrition, stretching, rest and sleep. Remember, you are making positive changes in your musculoskeletal system on those rest days. Even if you do not feel sore, you are working new muscles are working and preventing injuries is key.

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