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November 30, 2023

PCD Wire Drawing Dies VS other Wire Drawing Dies

  • December 28, 2021
  • 3 min read
PCD Wire Drawing Dies VS other Wire Drawing Dies

Although wire drawing industries use various types of wire dies, it depends upon the type of wires that are required. Each enterprise has its wire requirements, and therefore the wire dies, including diamond dies, must be able to produce good wires without any additional costs. Despite this, the most used ones are the pcd wire drawing dies globally as most industries try to find a balance between good quality molds and low cost of dies. It is the successful development of PCD that has ushered in great changes in the industry. PCD is made by sintering micron-sized diamond particles and binders under very high temperatures and pressure. The outcome is a material with high hardness, good wear resistance, and strong impact resistance properties. The wire mold again has a long life and uniform wear, as you may find right here on this site with a click www.szwiredie.com where you can get more information.

Other Types of Drawing Dies

The most commonly found drawing dies in the market are SD, CXD, and CXT PCD mold core. Although expensive, it is noteworthy that the single-crystal diamond dies may still lag behind PCD as it may develop uneven die hole wear and out-of-round holes. It is for this reason why most diamond drawing dies to use PCD wire drawing cores.

The next most used core is the CVD diamond, also known as Chemical Vapor Deposition diamond is a pure diamond deposited on the surface of a solid. It is held under high temperature and low-pressure conditions. These types of Wire Drawing Dies have very good hardness, wear resistance, low friction, and high surface finish.

However, the CVD is not as good as the PCD, for its impact resistance is pretty weak, and there are chances that it may crack. Again, the technical conditions prepared for manufacturing this die are slightly difficult. Again, single crystals Diamond Drawing Dies are good for individual wires and are known for their hardness and wear resistance. It also has a high surface finish, yet the die holes may become uneven and not round. Again, the resources are scarce, and the die is pretty expensive and only used for specific fine-wire drawing.

Nano DCD Dies and other Molds

The nano DCD dies are tungsten carbide dies that are coated thickly with 30-micron nano-crystalline diamond particles. The whole interior surface of the die, which includes the entrance, is covered by these diamond particles. However, quality may differ from site to site, and very few, like SZ wires, have a proven track record of manufacturing such dies for drawing wire with the help of the latest technology.

In the case of nano DCD, the diamond coating is perfectly ground and polished to get a new mold. As a result, the wire die is tough like cemented carbide mold and is hard and wears resistance like a natural diamond. Again, the inner hole is bright, friction is low, and durability is pretty long.

With such technological tools at its factory, the above company has become one of the top wire drawings dies manufacturers globally. Visit lebenn for more informative articles.